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by on Nov.10, 2011, under Mists of Pandaria

Class Q&A was happening yesterday, and here’s the recap for druids and upcoming MoP changes. I’m curious to know what you guys think about the hybridization of the druid, the good ol’ hybrid tax debate and everything else that’s mentioned. Lots of changes coming our way, does it scare you ? Do you anticipate it ? (source : Mmo-Champion recap)

  • The new Druid talent trees are trying to bring back the hybrid part of the druid class.
  • Resto Druids will get a baseline replacement for Barkskin that will be able to be cast on other players.
  • The Nurturing Instinct talent will be baseline to both Feral and Guardian Druids.
  • A new talent which grants attack power based on Intellect for Restoration and Balance Druids will be added.
  • Incarnation for Balance transforms the Druid in to the Chosen of Elune Form, which currently increases spell damage done and Solar and Lunar energy generated.
  • In 5.0 Mangle will no longer cause a bleed damage debuff, and will be usable from any facing.
  • Guardians (bears) will have Mangle, but not Shred. Mangle and Shred will both exist for Feral (cats).
  • Shred will offer slightly more overall DPS compared to Mangle if you are able to stay behind the target. Once Glyph of Shred works from Mangle as well as Shred, the difference between a Mangle and a Shred rotation is actually fairly small (in the 5% range).
  • Feral Charge and Stampede are becoming part of Wild Charge, so you can select not to have that complexity with Ravage.
  • A possible level 87 ability for all Druids called Symbiosis that will add flexibility, utility, and survivability for the Druid.
  • Heart of the Wild is intended for encounters where there is a period where increased healing is needed. Master Shapshifter is for encounters where the Druid would need to switch between healing and DPS. Disentanglement is for when less shifting is needed but a well timed one would help.
I’ve highlighted those concerning moonkin. I’ve read the whole transcript last night and I remember they said  “Symbiosis was gonna blow your mind”. Teaser!

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  • Andrewida

    Would be nice to change something with our Thorns as well, actually it’s quite useless. Would be nice to redesignate to similar like hunter’s md, rogue’s trick, or by another way like druids innerv8, different stats when casts on friendly player. I’m very curious about the new talent system. Have a nice day guys! :)

  • PFDruid

    Im very excited that they’re bringing back the hybrid feel of druids. Each spec was becoming like its own separate class and had zero synergy between them. The change has to be done carefully to avoid making clunky mechanics.

    Heart of the Wild seems very interesting gameplay, although Id like a shorter cooldown not 6 minutes. Still on the fence on Master Shapeshifter, it may be useful for Feral on switches where adds are on range but for Moonkin I dont see its benefits.

    Kind of disappointed that our new “Empowered” Shapeshift is a flat (and boring) damage increase. Id prefer to have it behave like Tree of Life, where it affects gameplay. Imagine if while in Chosen of Elune, Wild Mushroom spreads Insect Swarm, or Hurricane is not channeled, or allowing to cast on the move.

    Still dont know what will become of Moonkin Form. If they keep it as is, Chosen of Elune would appear even more boring as its just a change in percentages. Lets hope they finally remove the restriction of healing in Moonkin Form.

    Cant wait to see what the new 87 ability Symbiosis is like. Seems that it will be designed following the new hybrid design trend they’re going with druids.

  • lissanna

    No moonkin is ever really going to have a reason to be in cat or bear form in PvE, though. Ranged DPS never want to go melee, which is why hunters are having the extreme of losing their melee weapon in 5.0. On the other hand, they somehow think that moonkin want to go back to that melee-moonkin model that failed so horribly in TBC.

    The idea of being more hybrid works GREAT for PvP, for feral druids (who benefit from being able to do ranged DPS & healing), and sometimes for healers (mostly soloing or gimmick fights). However, it won’t work for moonkin. It didn’t work before, and it won’t work just because they put it in a new shiny box.

    • Balourd

      I agree to that Lissanna, if I bring a moonkin to a raid, I want him to dps, and to dps the most he can out of this boss.
      I think the hybridization of druids is more of a PVP advantage than a PVE advantage. It kinda just reignites the Hybrid tax debate.

  • paperclip

    I like the concept of hybridized play, it is after all why I chose a druid, but I’m skeptical that they can pull it off in a balanced way. Melee mechanics on casters have not gone over well in the past; there is just too much movement involved to get into and out of range. A restokin style hybrid, as they pointed out has value in fights that need say 1.5 healers, but I think this is easily seen as overpowered. A large part of the community is also focused on specialization, so there will be some reeducation necessary to convince people that a druid who is taking time for other things is still doing his job even if thngs are balance well. It will be interesting to see how the mechanics they come up with and the response to them pan out.

    Just a slight clarification: I believe the intellect to attack power conversion (termed “killer instinct” in a later response) is a baseline ability for balance and resto, not a talent.

  • PFDruid

    Probably not regurarly, however frequent enough that the talent is worth considering. Imagine having to swith to an add, you could Wild Charge Bear get 30% haste and burn the add using spells. It will depend a lot on encounter design.

    I think it could work in the right situation. With Killer Instinct converting Int to Agi, and with Heart of the Wild or MSS, switching temporarly might be competitive this time.

    Actually its great for Moonkin PvP as well. Feral Charge is great, Heart of the Wild for healing or tanking is also great for PvP. Bear Charge and then Bear Hug can be used as a finisher as well. I see a lot of posibilities for moonkin PvP. Although in PvE it will be more limited and dependant on encounter design.

  • Diogroll

    Well, you guys are forgeting something very very important: the tree talents will not be exact the same it is now.
    Blizz dev team will change almost every talent build for every class till MoP launch, what they said is the idea for the class, the hybridization for all 4 spec.
    I think they has a problem with ferals in Cataclysm, and because of that, they needed to change that, so, why not changing the other 2 specs?

    No one can tell nothing about these changes for now, even if things doesnt work in past, it can work now… who knows? Let time tell us…

    Ps: sry for my bad english, its not my native language lol

  • Azrael

    I think there’s way to many unknowns yet to really understand what they did… to much stuff that is probably done through spec/class abilities which they didn’t really go into for druids yet.

    I’d have preferred for Balance Symbiosis to blow other peoples minds, though. But that’s more of a priest thing, i guess.

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