World of Warcraft Q&A: Hurarcane in Mists of Pandaria!

by on Oct.22, 2011, under Mists of Pandaria

One of the questions from the Q&A today was what the developers plan to do to address the problem with Eclipse, including how we have to sit in Solar to cleave and do decent AoE damage.

It was revealed in 5.0 that Hurricane would now have a ‘Arcane’ component while in Lunar Eclipse.  Now, let’s hope they actually buff Hurricane, because lord knows we don’t use it as is for most AoE.  I shall call this new ability Hurarcane! (get it?).

I think I would be satisfied if they returned the splash component to Starfall.  Right now, it does the same damage across 2 or 200 targets.  If Starfall could actually splash, we’d have decent Arcane AoE back.

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  • PFDruid

    I know they have to fix the balance between each Eclipse. What I dont like is the copy-paste solution ala Sunfire, it just takes away a lot of personality from our spells.

    What I would like them to do, is to make spells affected by Eclipse to behave a little differently in each side. Just something to improve the Balance druid theme of balancing the sun and the moon, because right now, Wrath, Starfire, Starsurge (and now Hurricane) are practically the same spell, there is no thing to balance as the spells would be almost the same.

    Imagine if when in Lunar, spells did increased critical strikes and in Solar they did additional damage as a dot.

  • PFDruid

    I did. They just kept the solar increased damage theme for both in Cata.

    I know there was an issue with the lunar crit cap, but my problem is more related to theme and style than to mechanics.

    Even with the problems of the Wrath Eclipse model, in that time Wrath and Starfire, solar and lunar felt more unique. Now I feel I’m casting the same spell but with different color.

    I’m not saying to keep Wrath levels of increased critical strike, just some bonus apart from the increased damage that makes casting Starfire feel different from casting Wrath.

  • Syrco

    I miss the Starfall splash :(

  • Orrak

    O starfall…. how far you’ve fallen….

    I’m curious as to why they’re waiting till 5.0 to make what is really a miniscule change.

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