Question of the Week: World of Warcraft: Annual Plan

by on Oct.22, 2011, under General

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the World of Warcraft Annual Plan by now, and rest assured, I’ve already signed up so I can get into the Mists of Pandaria Beta ASAP!

Another neat aspect of the Annual Plan is that it will give it’s subscribers Diablo III for free.  It was also just announced that for those who desire to be Annual Plan members and also purchase the Collector’s Edition, part of the price of the Collector’s Edition will go towards your WoW Annual Plan as a credit.

What are your opinions of the annual plan?  Will you be signing up?

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  • Syrco

    Just did it, cause I really want to get into the beta, will be my 3rd beta and I’m so excited, especially now after BlizzCon :D Think it looks awesome. Also looking forward to D3 and was planning to buy it anyways so.

  • Doomfowl

    Pretty much same as above, ill be playing wow in the next expac for sure, so i didnt see any reason not to get the 12 month plan. and since i was also planning on gettin D3, no reason not too.

  • Lobol'jin

    not sure. I am not actively playing WoW, so right now it’s a choice to pay $179.88 for a mount and Diablo 3. Assuming we put value to each, $25 for the mount and $60 for Diablo 3, I am paying an excess of $94.88 if I don’t play that year.

    My plans are SWTOR, so I would be paying an additional $14.99 or what ever the pay will be for that as well. For me, it’s tough choice, cause I love Diablo, and that mount is sweet looking.

    But I think I am burnt out completely of WoW, and bottom line, I think I would just be giving money away that I could use elsewhere.

  • Meatgrinder

    I went for it. I’ll probably be playing for at least the next 8 months, and thats the point at which I make my money back on D3. I started sooner rather than later, in case I changed my mind I wouldnt be bogged down with an active sub when I really chose to quit.
    I have no interest in TOR or GW3.

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