4.3 PTR Updated: Wrath graphic updated (again!) + Hurricane graphic update

by on Oct.07, 2011, under General

Another patch has hit the PTRs, and it looks like Wrath has been tweaked based on our feedback.  I think they’re much closer to the right track now for Wrath, and Hurricane definitely looks neat.

What are your thoughts?

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  • Doomfowl

    I think that looks ace, odd they spent time developing the graphic for a spell we never use tho. *cross your toes for a buff*

  • lissanna

    Wrath still isn’t green, lol.

    Hurrcicane is awesome though.

  • Azrael

    I don’t think feedback hat much to do with that. If you go on the PTR and look at the trail closely, you can still see the sparkle beam from the previous builds.
    We probably just looked at less than half of the actual animation ’til the latest build.

    And while it isn’t green anymore, it now looks like we’re actually lobbing miniature suns around.
    Forget mages and their piddly fireballs.

    Hurricane also looks kind of unfinished… the tornados spawn rather randomly, it gives you absolutely no sense of what area the spell affects, and the old lightning bolts are still coming down, which doesn’t really make sense anymore.

  • Lobol'jin

    Looking good! The only change I would probably do to Hurricane is have one central vortex the size of the affected area, with lightning falling and maybe rain. They are kinda capturing the essence of a hurricane, wind and lightning, all they are missing is rain. But they should focus more on the wind than lightning, as the real damage from a hurricane is the wind in combination with the water, but mostly wind. It’s kinda hard to make a hurricane accurate in a small radius though, as a central vortex might make it more like a Tornado than a hurricane, but wind and rain is key, with new lightning effect.

    Having that many vortexes makes it look cool, but at the same time weird lol I have been victim of MANY hurricanes, and what they did doesn’t make it look like one. BUT, it does look cool none the less.

  • Kaelluss

    Wrath – Thumbs UP
    Hurricane – Thumbs DOWN (altough the tornados of it looks good individually, I miss the huge cloud that shows its area of effect of the intense turbulence of wind and lightnings, and the number of turnados is quite exaggerated to me, also they fade out seconds after the channeling is done. Seems rather unfinished like said above)

  • Doomfowl

    Hurricane has had another update, its now got a cloud above it a newer cloud not just the old one, aswell as proper lightning as apposed to the blue independance day beams. :D

  • Doomfowl

    also the AOE slow from mushrooms has a new spell effect/colour.

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