Tier 13 Set Bonuses Updated

by on Sep.29, 2011, under Gear Discussion

The 4 piece set bonus has been completely redesigned:

  • Balance, 4P — Reduces the cooldown of Starsurge by 5 sec.

While an improvement, I have yet to sim it to see what kind of DPS it will provide. I will provide further thoughts tonight.

EDIT: I’m not even sure this is an improvement now that I sit down and think about it.  While this could give more credibility to the [item]45603[/item], due to all of our [spell]93400[/spell], it will be under-utilized.  I really hope that Blizzard wakes up. This is another case of Ghostcrawler really not knowing anything about Balance druids, and really not knowing what to do with them.

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