Tier 13 Set Bonuses: My thoughts

by on Sep.25, 2011, under Gear Discussion, General

Since I didn’t really have enough time to sit down and crunch the Tier 13 set bonuses, I decided to make a second post actually detailing my thoughts.

2P: Insect Swarm increases all damage done by your Starfire, Starsurge, and Wrath spells against that target by 3%.

This bonus is nice, and definitely better then the junk 2p T12 bonus that we currently have, however, I’m not sure I like it when you compare it to other DPS classes 2piece bonus.  Some of them seem to be pretty amazing, and while I don’t know other classes nearly as well as I do moonkin, seem they’d average more then 3% more damage on their main nukes.

4P: Starsurge generates 100% extra Lunar or Solar energy while Eclipse is not active.

I think unanimously, the opinion on the 4 piece bonus is that it’s extremely weak.  Starsurge is our highest DPS nuke that we have available.  Why we could sacrifice it outside of an Eclipse just to get an extra 15 energy is beyond me.  That being said, it could be fixed very simply:

Starsurge generates 100% extra Lunar or Solar energy while Eclipse is not active, or costs 0 Lunar or Solar energy while Eclipse is active.

This would give us one extra cast IN an Eclipse, and I think would be much more attractive.  But honestly, I’d also like us to see some bonuses that didn’t involve Eclipse.  It’s getting old already.

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  • gore

    Couldn’t agree more. Our set bonus’ are quite bad comparing them to other classes. The 4pc makes me scratch my head, it seems that blizzard doesn’t even know how moonkins operate. Why would we use starsurge out of eclipse? Thankfully there is a feedback thread where we can voice our dislikes, and we also got to remember that this is just a 1st glance at the set bonus’. They aren’t set in stone.
    Fingers crossed it gets changed.

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