Question of the Week: Firelands Nerfs

by on Sep.23, 2011, under General

Now that Firelands has been hit with a nerfbat, are you happy with the nerfs?  Has it helped your guild progress?  Do you find it too easy now?

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  • Diogroll

    Well, i liked so much the fights in Firelands, but now it is too easy… more like BwD…
    Nerfs hited hard this time… and i dont liked it… :(

  • Daerellin

    The nerfs were a bit drastic :o I only had time to get in on one extra fight this week, but we went from a decent amount of trouble on Heroic Alysrazor to 2shotting her.. I’m not going to be knocking down Heroic Rag anytime soon, but everything else feels kind of lax now. Oh well, I’ll just have to try to farm a full set of 391 leading into the DW raid.

  • Drake

    As I get older, i realize that I want to spend less time wiping on content and more time experiencing different encounters. I found most normal mode encounters quite easy, with the exclusion of Ragnaros. Others didnt and the change allows people the chance to see all the content. I dont believe they should nerfed Heroic as much.

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