Idea: Astral Alignment

by on Sep.18, 2011, under General

I’ve had this idea for quite some time, and talked about it briefly, but I’ve sat down and thought about it a bit harder.

Astral Alighment

5 minute cooldown

“You instantly align yourself with the nearest Eclipse. If you are currently are neutrally aligned, the Eclipse will be random.”

This would both solve our issue in PVP where we are extremely weak in Arena until we get crit enough to Eclipse (LOL at that dumb mechanic), as well as RBGs.  Trying to hard cast against any decent arena or RBG team is nearly impossible.  This would also solve our lackluster DPS whenever we are on a boss after a wipe and do not have enough critters left to start in Solar Eclipse.


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  • Danny

    5m is an excessively long time. How many other dps cooldowns exist that are that long? Off the top of my head I cannot think of any. Most are 2 or 3m at most.

  • Doomfowl

    you could give it no CD, but allow it to be only used OOC, or maybe a 1 use in combat, something like the warlock soul syphon thingy they have.

  • Doomfowl

    Or another idea, could it be like a channelled spell, that grants Solar/Lunar power.

    So you could use it before a pull to get a solar eclipse. or you could use it during a transition phase on a boss to get yourself ready for a solar cleave setup.

  • Kaelluss

    Well… I think the cooldown is a good thing instead of one per combat. Maybe less then 5 mins or nothing more than 5. Many fights in FL are better performed if you keep at a specific eclipse, and stay there till you get a good condition to keep with rotation. Hitting an eclipse replenishes you some mana which is good to start and keep the rotation without mana problems or lost a GCD for innervate (or even have to spent 2/2 Dreamstate for full restore). So you could after done what you had to do on that eclipse, hit the other to restore mana and keep with rotation till the end.

    If a channeled spell, could work more like Evocation or that Harvest Soul, collect Solar/Lunar power and retrieve 2% mana every 2 secs, or reduce damage taken by 5% (first for PVE, or second for PVP) with 3 mins CD.

    Good to keep up with these discussions, we could open a descent thread somewhere to exchange spell ideas. Maybe even on Blizz’s.

  • Kaelluss

    Wouldn’t say to hit random when neutral, but maybe unusable if at neutral.

    One Wrath would take you slightly to Solar, then you hit that CD. BANG! Instantly Solar Eclipse.

    No need to start the fight from neutral, burning your Starsurge or dotting IS and MF during the course to Solar. Good use of all procs and/or Hero at begginning without hurring for the closest eclipse.

    Same works for Lunar, OFC.

  • Kaelluss

    Speaking of new spells: Seeing the new burning treant from T12 2p Bonus, and how our Force of Nature works, I think it could be improved.

    Currently, they do melee attacks to the target, but they glance a lot due our low melee hit cap/expertise, wut ever melees need to hit better.

    As they are only a caster dps CD, it could work more like mages images. More like this:

    “Call upon the force of nature to assist you. Casting wrath of nature (similar spell to wrath) against the enemies with %spell of your spell damage”

    I thought about them cast Wrath or Starfire depending on the Eclipse the caster is at, but the thing is Treants are just nature elementals. Would be lore-unwise them casting arcane spells. Unless they are some sort of hybrids treants like Crystalsong Forrest. Then they would adapt with the astral alignment of the caster. Would be a descent dps additions compared to a glancing melee adds. Also, it’s irritating how you have to place them where you want, and when you start your burst you place them close to the boss or dummy and they run back to you and back to the enemy after your first cast. That’s dumb.

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