FAQ: BiS Trinkets

by on Sep.16, 2011, under Gear Discussion

I’ve had a lot of people ask me what the “Best-in-Slot” trinket configuration is.  And to be honest, that depends.  One trinket is clear:  Variable Pulse Lightning Capacitor.  Whether heroic or non-heroic, this trinket will be BiS for you.

The second trinket is a bit iffy.  Generally, the heroic Necromantic Focus will be your second trinket, unless the DMC: Volcano will put you at or above 2637 haste, which is a DoT breakpoint.

Now, if heroic Necromantic Focus is not available to you, DMC: Volcano will be your BiS option, UNLESS it’s a heavy solar cleave fight with mushrooms (See: Rhyolith and Ragnaros).  If it’s one of those fights, you will want the normal Necromantic Focus for the mastery and Eclipse damage.

Confusing enough yet?

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