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by on Sep.15, 2011, under General

Many of you out there use Power Auras Classic as an add-on.  I’m going to introduce you to a much more powerful version, aptly named Weak Auras.  This allowed me to not only replace PowerAuras, but ForteXorcist as well.

Weak Auras has many, many more options available, including timer bars, grouping auras/bars/etc into “Groups”, having “Dynamic Groups” which you can assign a group of buffs to, and much easier ways to include multiple trigger statements required to initiate an action.  Here is a screenshot of my WeakAuras in action. It looks a bit crazy so I’ll explain below it.  Click to enlarge.

I have my Weak Auras separated into a few categories:

Buffs:  This is a dynamic group above my nameplate which tracks any relevant self buffs that I care about:  Owlkin Frenzy, PVP Trinket, Power Torrent, Heroism/Time Warp, Volcanic Power, Volcanic Destruction, etc, etc.  A few of these (such as Thorns and Nature’s Grasp) I have ONLY activating in battlegrounds, world environment (non-instance, basically), or arenas.  This looks like a HUGE list, but remember, most of these will not be active at once, and I do not show cooldowns of items until the buff itself has worn off.  Since this is a dynamic group, the bars will fill from the bottom up (that’s how I defined it, you could have them fill to-down if you wanted), so the first qualifying bar will appear at the bottom, above my name plate, and if I gain a second, it’ll stack on top of it.  This is quite nice, so I don’t have to have a mis-match of auras all not lined up because they fire in different order.  MOST of these are set to “In Combat” only, since I don’t really care about them out of combat.

Debuffs: This is where I track my DoTs.  This is above the enemy name plates. Moonfire, Insect Swarm, and Sunfire are all here, and again, they’re all dynamic.

Cooldowns: This again is a dynamic group.  This tracks a few different cooldowns that I have:  Starfall, Solar Beam, Starsurge, Force of Nature, and Typhoon.  I only display the Solar Beam  cooldown in a world or PVP environment.  I also track the durations of Starfall and Force of Nature, and track when Solar Beam, Force of Nature, Starsurge, and Starfall become available.  The list is sorted from shortest duration to longest, and the available spells will always appear on the bottom.  This helps me track my cooldowns very effectively.  These really are DPS cooldowns, which is why I have Darkflight, Thorns, etc, under the ‘Buffs’ section.  I also attached a sound to Shooting Stars as an audible trigger.

Firelands Debuffs: This is where I track some mission critical, time sensitive Firelands debuffs.  These are giant bars meant to capture my attention.  Generally if I don’t take action within the timers, myself, or the raid, will die.  That’s bad.  That’s why they are giant.

Low Mana:  I have a bouncing “Innervate!” icon in just about the middle of my screen.  This will only appear if both of the following are true:  I currently have <=60% mana, and Innervate is available (meaning not on cooldown).

PVP: I have  two auras here.  They’re giant icons.  One is Spell Reflection, which plays a sound and flashes the giant Spell Reflect icon, and the second is titled ‘Enrage’, but covers every Enrage buff I could think.  (Savage Roar, Enrage, Berserker Rage, Death Wish, Vengeance, Unholy Frenzy, Owlkin Frenzy).  When this pops up (with the corresponding icon) letting me know what the enrage is, and to Soothe it.  This also plays a ‘ka-ching!’ sound, as I’m about to ruin someones day.

Anyways.. check it out.  Let me know what you think!


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  • gore

    I personally don’t like bars. I prefer icons with timers in the middle.
    Which is why I use Tukui_Filger.
    It’s similar to PowerAuras but meant for Tukui users.
    Very lightweight, has everything you need already in it.
    Only problem people find with it is to configure it, you need to do it in the .lua files.

  • Psychiatree

    Any exports? I love power aura’s, but I can never figure out how to set them up from scratch. I generally import others and modify them to fit my UI.

  • Ectarax

    This……this is…..this is brilliant! Thanks!

    I’m replacing Power Auras and ForteXorcist at the moment, and nibpointdisplay (the workaround I’d been using for my Wild Mushrooms). The key to wild mushrooms is to treat them like shaman totems (and for each individual mushroom treat them like a different totem).

    I can see a way to replace Omen too, especially given the recent threat changes for tanks. This might need some testing though.

    The thing I am struggling with is to get a ForteXorcist style cooldown bar where certain icons travel down a bar. Especially as that is an amazing way to cram a lot of information into a small spot. I might just work around it and have that info displayed differently, but I did/do love that cooldown bar style.

  • Grymmlocke

    I’ve found WA is actually a lot better about recognizing spell ids by name than PA is, I was able to put both eclipses in (I like knowing at a glance and have my UI set up much like Calculateds) and MF/SF. I haven’t added anything else yet since I’ve been tweaking those ones.

    I also prefer icons to bars as bars take up gross amounts of space and are really not needed. Put the duration within the icon (or above) and you can see the same information with a much smaller footprint.

    However for the FL warnings bars may be better.

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