Gripe of the Week: Seal of Truth

by on Sep.14, 2011, under Gripe of the Week

I’ve been getting a bit more into PVP, so I’m going to start introducing some more PVP posting.  To start, a gripe of the week:

  Okay, Blizzard.  I understand that Retribution Paladins were pretty derpy in PvE and needed a boost.  Great.  I’m glad they’re buffed.  That being said:  Couldn’t you have found a way to do it to Retribution Paladins only?  I’m tired of getting smashed in the face by Protection Paladins with their vengeance stacked to the max, and dead before I can even get a [spell]2908[/spell] off.  I really feel sorry for the classes that can’t wipe Vengeance.


Okay, let’s hear YOU sound off about your PVP gripes.

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