4.2 Hotfixes: Lightning Capacitor, Moonwell Chalice, Legendary

by on Sep.08, 2011, under General

A few hotfixes have been announced today, most of which were already reported here.

Caster hotfixes to note:

  • The Wrath of Tarecgosa should no longer ignore cooldowns when a clone spell procs.
  • The Wrath of Tarecgosa should no longer trigger melee procs from trinkets, however, it should still trigger melee procs from abilities such as Flametongue Attack.
  • The trinket Variable Pulse Lightning Capacitor is now pulsier, with more lightning!
  • Moonwell Chalice should no longer grant its mastery rating bonus when the activating player unequips it.

In the end, I still think we come out better in the end.4.

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