Question of the Week: BlizzCon

by on Sep.01, 2011, under General

  Do you plan on attending BlizzCon?  If not, are you getting a Virtual Ticket?

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  • Daerellin

    I went last year, and I can honestly say that as awesome as it was, I don’t think I’ll be going back. It’s one of those super-expensive, super-awesome things that every fan should see once for themselves. That being said, there’s a high likelihood that I’ll get the stream so that I can nose in on the action and get one of the awesome little pets.

  • Doomfowl

    Wish i could go, just once. I dont intend on paying for the stream, since ill probably be at work anyway and miss it. But i will watch it when it gets put up on youtube :)

    Are you goin Sun?

  • BuG

    i went there last year, and as Daerellin said, it was awesome and something that when you are a big fan you never forget. for this year i’ll get the stream definately, might think about going back next year, will see !

  • lissanna

    I’m going to Blizz-neyland!

    • Sunfyre

      I’d love to go, but I have a 16 day cruise I’m going on the following Tuesday, and it’s all the way in Spain. I’ve done the California->Europe haul before, and that’s way too much flying. =p

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