FAQ: Balance Druids & Dragonwrath

by on Aug.29, 2011, under General

I’ve sat down with Pixelkiller @ Burning Legion and he’s shared with me all the frequently asked questions I’ve had about how Dragonwrath works with balance druids.

For ease of reference, I’ve placed the FAQ as a guide.  It can be located here.

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  • BuG

    Just wanted to make a quick post and say you did a good job on this blog. it can help many people to centralize all information and your knowledge on moonkin and different “thoughts” post here and there are a very nice addition to what we can grab from EJ and so on..

    thanks again !

    i may drop a R.ID invite if you don’t mind !

    cheers !

  • doomfowl

    I keep loosing rolls to start the quest, in fairness were on about our 6th stage 1 staff now. Dunno if ill even see the oranges at this rate. New tier will b put first. It wouldnt b a major problem if their was some decent mh weaps for us from fl that easier to get on hc. We de’ing the ryolith hc sword every week now cuz all our mages are on the 2nd tier staff. (im still kicking their ass on meters tho) :p aoe or single :p

    Wats an owl to do!

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