4.2 Hotfix: Starfall

by on Aug.29, 2011, under General

A host of small hotfixes have been applied to live, with only one pertaining to balance druids.  (I was hoping for a 2T12 buff!)

  • Starfall should no longer hit enemies with whom the player is not in combat in Grim Batol or the Firelands.

I was aware this was an issue in Grim Batol, but not Firelands. They’ve yet to fix the previously hotfixed (but never actually hotfixed) problem where Starfall attacks CC’d targets.

EDIT: After looking at the patch notes a bit more, I re-read this:

  • The Feral druid 4-piece tier-12 set bonus should now interact properly with Primal Madness and Euphoria.

I’m guessing they were referring to the Balance druid 4-piece tier-12 set bonus when they mentioned Euphoria.

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