Pro Tip of the Day: Moonwell Chalice

by on Aug.26, 2011, under General

As we all know, Moonwell Chalice isn’t exactly the best trinket for moonkin.

That being said, the buff it provides, still persists even if you remove the trinket.  You can use the trinket in a pre-pot macro before you equip your other trinket, like the Necromantic Focus (which has no internal cooldown).  It’s best to replace the Focus with it and not a trinket like the DMC: Volcano, because the Volcano will trigger an ICD when you equip it.

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  • farfalette

    Hum, doesn’t work with Theralion’s mirror either (icd triggered on equip). By the way, do you really manage to reach eclipse fast enough to benefit at least of the mastery buff for one cast (what is your opening) ?

    • Sunfyre

      I try to start in Solar Eclipse. If I wipe you’ll notice a ton of dead critters on the run back. I generally don’t together with it (or prepotting) if I’m starting at 0 energy.

  • Daerellin

    This is pretty nifty :D I ran 5 separate 3 minute dummy parses using the chalice in a pre-pot macro, and averaged 225k extra damage over parses without the chalice. Best believe I’m going to make my guild summon me back after wipes, as I’m running around getting back into Solar lol.

  • Louis

    Bad news. I think they fixed this exploit. A little dummy testing shows that the mastery buff disappears when I swap back to Necromantic Focus. If anyone can confirm this I’d be grateful.

  • Louis

    Well we got a couple of weeks out of it! I was wondering if this trick worked with the Rune of Zeth or other Int buffing trinkets (which would have been lovely, less eclipse reliant), but when I saw the Moonwell Chalice trick had stopped working, I didn’t bother to test the other proc-on-use trinkets.

    Perhaps the reason this worked with the NF was due to the shared Int/mastery stats (IANAProgrammer so this is a wild guess). Which may mean my forlorn hopes with the other trinkets are just that, forlorn hopes.

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