Perseverence: Why I don’t like it

by on Aug.26, 2011, under General

I’ve had a few people ask me recently why I don’t pick up ‘Perseverence’ in the resto tree.  Here’s my reasoning why.  If I’m totally off base, feel free to correct me.

With the change to Moonkin Form, we receive between 25% and 30% magic damage reduction as it is.

There is pretty much two types of fights where we take magic damage in Firelands:

Massive Raid Damage – In this case, you’re generally stacked up, there is raid cooldowns going out, and raid healing like crazy.  If I die due to lack of 6% additional magic reduction, there will most likely be plenty dead before me who don’t have the 15% reduction I get from Moonkin Form.  In this case, it’s already a wipe.

You Stepped In Fire And Deserve To Be Dead – See title.

Either way, I really can’t justify sinking 3 points into it.


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