Guest Post: Season 10 — A druid’s overall impression

by on Aug.08, 2011, under PVP Discussion

Hi all. Monsterbaby of the all Druid guild “Druids of the Beast” sent me this a few weeks back and I missed it in my inbox. I’d like to invite you to our first guest poster, who writes a great opinion on season 10 PVP. Please leave your feedback. I’m always looking for guest posters, and if you are engaging enough, there may be a more permanent spot for you!


“The new season was kick started a while back and it is already possible to spot the new strengths and weaknesses of the classes. A great number of restoration druids have turned feral – if they didn’t already during the last season. Feral is superior in arena, and you very frequently see your opponent consisting of a feral druid.

However resto druids are not to be underestimated, despite you get the feeling they lack the powerful direct heal for arena. Resto druids are a key element to Rated Battlegrounds. Usually resto druids are to be found as offensive healers, while they can heal a great number of people while running, without getting interrupted.

Moonkins are still the rarest druid spec to find in PvP, you do however bump into them once in a while, usually when you find them in RBG in the top of damage done, with their powerful and fast dots and starfall.

However the druid is still very doable in PvP in all three specs in this season, and having three sets of PvP gear to choose from, you have loads of possibilities.

The gear in season 10, is a major upgrade compared to the last set. Many smaller guilds, which haven’t started in Firelands, nearly stopped raiding, due to the fact, the Honor and Conquest gear is such a big upgrade, compared to the PvE gear.

So when it comes to ups and downs in the new season, it is definitely positive, that druids are still strong in every spec. In arena, you will mostly find druids being feral, due to the lack of abilities of moonkins, and the less powerful direct healing, compared to other healing classes. But it is definitely not impossible to go far in arena, with any spec – as long as you have the skills for it.

The downside of this season is definitely the massive upgrade of gear. The size of the upgrade compared to the amount of time you need to spend to get it, is very unbalanced in my eyes. This also leads to a lot of inexperience people, entering battlegrounds just to farm honor, to receive a strong set of gear, with no intention of using it for PvP further on. But this isn’t really any news, while it has been like that in most seasons.

Another downside with the new season is, you cannot cap conquest points by doing arenas only. This leads to a lot of inexperienced people, wanting to do RBGs, while the skill level and tactical requirement is a lot higher than arenas. Again, it is just to receive a strong set of gear, without having any intention in heading into high rating – so most people are fooling around at incredible low rating.

What I can recommend is, to do Rated Battleground with the same team, over and over again. It is great fun, and with the flexibility of going into several specs, that are all equally strong in RBGs, you can always be sure to get a spot, in case a healer, ranged dps or melee is missing. “

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