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by on Aug.08, 2011, under General

Our good friend Boubouille over at MMO-Champion just gave a shout out to the “Reforge Lite” addon, and I have to echo is recommendation.

One of the most annoying things that we face (especially as hybrids) is trying to calculate out the exact combination required to hit the magical 17.00% hit while maximizing haste in the process (and to a lesser extent, mastery).  There’s a hundred ways  to skin a cat, and we always seem close to the magical 17.00% but never exact.  Reforge Lite will help solve that problem.

First understanding the U/I for Reforge Lite takes a bit of time.  You’ll want to load the ‘Balance Druid’ settings.  “Hit: At least spell cap of 1742″ should auto populate.  You’ll then want to press calculate.  The resultant column will show you the ‘new stats’, as well as a delta from where you’re at now.  You’ll want to focus on the ‘Hit’ column, and not ‘Spirit’.  (It takes into consideration that Spirit becomes Hit.).

You’ll want to cycle through the ‘Calculate’ button to see which options are the best for you.  I was not able to hit exactly 1742 hit, but I had a few different options.  A few had 1743 hit, one had 1750, another 1772.  Each of these had varying bonuses to haste, crit, and mastery as well.  You can also see the “net overall change” next to score.  The best option may not be the one with the highest haste, for example.  Once you’ve calculated through all the options and found the highest score possible, you can apply the reforge by clicking ‘Show’, then ‘Reforge’.  Sit back and watch it reforge for you!

You can conveniently locate this add-on using the Curse Client.  Check it out and let me know what you think!

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  • Diogroll

    Hi all,

    I never used the Reforge Lite, so i cant compare it with others.
    The addon i use for reforge is the Reforgenator, and it is very easy to use, only click the button and the addon do all the job, it scan your current gear/status, and based on EJ threads it shows you what you want to reforge to, in just 3~4s.
    It has all class/specs profiles, and you can create more profiles by yourself.

    Again, i never used Reforge Lite, but i like very much the Reforgenator.

    Oh, and thx for the good job on this blog ;)

    PS: sry for my bad english

  • Doomfowl

    Just picked this addon up the day before it appeared on MMO Champ, its pretty sweet.

    With this addon in mind, how do you gem? do u bother with any hit rating at all through gems? or jus let the addon sort your hit at the end?

  • Gheall

    As a disc/shadow priest, I love this addon. It lets me use my disc gear in shadow spec very efficiently.

    However, I did find that the spirit to hit conversion wasn’t perfect. For example, it would still reforge things to hit (in some cases, even reforging spirit to hit).

    There is a simple solution though. Weight hit at 0 and change the hit cap calculation to 1938 (196 base spirit isn’t converted to hit) spirit instead of 1742 hit.

    • Sunfyre

      Hit and Spirit really are interchangeable though, since (at least for Balance druids), we no longer get spirit->mana regen when we’re in combat.

      Some actually prefer hit over spirit as they want to ensure their Treants are hit capped.

  • Tailswish

    Still having a major problem with this addon, like all reforging addons. No matter what I try, both with the preset exactly as is, and tinkering around with it, it still tries to give me results that have a massive amount of hit, with very little reforged away from spirit. For example, with the default balance druid settings, I click calculate and its results leave me with 1747 hit AND 1922 spirit. What am I doing wrong, that it absolutely refuses to reforge away from spirit?

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