Question of the Week: State of the Moonkin

by on Aug.04, 2011, under General

I recently just sounded off about my fairly content view of the Moonkin as of 4.2. What’s your opinion? Sound off in the comments!

I still wish we had a 5 minute cool down or so that would allow us to “force” an Eclipse. (Whatever Eclipse we’re closest to, or randomly at 0. This would let us easily pick the Eclipse by getting one cast off). This would solve the issue of not starting in an Eclipse during arenas, and also help solve our incredibly slow ramp up time when we’re recovering from a wipe at 0 energy, or change servers and get reset to 0 energy.

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  • Natureclaw

    I think it would be a good idea to turn Owlkin Frenxy into a CD as well. Just ramp up the increased Damage from 10% to say 25% and increase the duration from 10 seconds to 20, have it on a 5min CD that way we have a proper CD for burn phases.

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