July 14th Hotfixes and Clarifications to RealID

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There’s been some hotfixes to mainly Firelands and Molten Front, as well as some clarifications to the Real ID Server grouping feature.

Looks like Occu’thar (which was already a faceroll) just became even easier.

Baradin Hold

  • The Eye of Occu’thar shared cooldown on Focused Fire has been increased, while eye health has been decreased.


  • Ragnaros
    • Molten Elementals can no longer be knocked back while having the Molten Power buff. Molten Elemental move speed has also been decreased by 15% on Heroic difficulty. These adjustments will require a realm restart to take effect.
  • Rhyolith
    • Concussive Stomp damage has been increased on Heroic difficulty.
    • Eruption now increases fire damage taken by 5% per stack, down from 10%.
    • The Eruption debuff is now cleared when transitioning into phase 2 of the fight.
  • Shannox
    • Successful attacks on Rageface will now always be critical strikes while he is channeling Face Rage.
    • Players on the legendary quest Delegation should now be able to get the Dull Emberstone Focus charge off of Shannox’s spear more easily, so long as it’s placed within 50 yards of the spear.

And below, the clarifications on RealID:

I said this as a response on the blog and I’ll post it here as well:

We greatly appreciate constructive feedback about this, but as we mention in the FAQ above we’ll have information about a cost for premium services at a future point in time. For now, all anyone is able to do is “guess” at what this could mean. Let’s focus on testing for now and avoid supposition about any sort of cost at this point in time. It’s too easy for people to get involved in hearsay that is inaccurate or misleading.

We know people have concerns over this and get a bit itchy about the word “premium”, but for now the answer we can give is the one in the FAQ. Your constructive feedback though is helpful in the testing of the feature and will help us make sure it’s serving the community in the best possible way. What we want to avoid is people getting ahead of themselves and guessing at prices or spreading misinformation or rumor. We want this to be successful. We want the community to find value in it being available to them.

This is just one of several ways in which people can get together with their friends whether that includes them relocating realms and factions or not. It’s simply an additional choice that will hopefully make your time in the game more enjoyable for you and your friends. It’s not any more sinister than that.

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