Balance Druid Hotfixes, Undocumented “Features”

by on Jul.01, 2011, under General

A few hotfixes went in today.  One you’ll be happy with, one… not so much.

  • It is no longer possible to cancel Lunar Shower by right-clicking the buff, or canceling it via a macro.
  • Starfall is no longer hitting targets that are within 40 yards if they are not in combat with the druid or his/her party/raid members. It is targeting all hostile characters in combat with the druid’s party/raid members, is not hitting Stealth characters, is not breaking crowd control effects, and is not targeting nearby critters.

The change to Lunar Showers even further clarifies how useless the talent is now.  As for Starfall, thank god they fixed it.  Also glad to see it ignores CC.

An undocumented “change” that I’ve noticed:

The game now is apparently smart, and if you have 0 Energy, it’ll cancel the Eclipse buff as soon as you cast something.  This is overtly annoying as your lunar/solar energy is set to 0 whenever you change zones.   To test this, acquire Solar Eclipse and then relog.  When you log in, you’ll have Solar Eclipse.  As soon as you sunfire a mob, the Eclipse is gone.

This wouldn’t be so annoying if Blizzard managed to preserve your lunar/solar energy whenever you changed zones or relogged.

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  • lissanna

    good bye lunar shower. It was nice when we had you. :(

  • Millfurion

    Well, they have fixed the bug where starfall pulls all the mobs that it can reach, which means we can use it more now :)
    But, as for it not breaking CC, that still doesnt work. We were in FL last night and it certainly breaks hunters traps, which as far as i am aware is a form of CC?? We dont have a mage to see if it breaks sheeps, but it clearly said, “not breaking croud control effects”, which it does.

    Anyone else have this problem?

  • Doomfowl

    Im not even specced into Lunar shower now, dont really see the point.

    It could be the splash dammage from starfall breaking CC?? I cant say ive used it with CC up, im a well trained chicken and all the QQ from my guild about starfall hitting adds and CC has taught me to just not bother :P

  • Doomfowl

    :P missed that one then, my bad.

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