Starfall Bug

by on Jun.29, 2011, under General

I’ve noticed this quite a bit since 4.2 launched, although primarily just in Zul’Gurub, and wanted to see if others had a problem.

Has anyone else noticed that Starfall, once again, will start randomly targeting mobs that you’re not in combat with?  Where have you seen it?

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  • Zaahn

    I’ve seen the same in ZG and Firelands. Unexpected adds on the raptor boss == not so hot. Tested it on training dummies and it looked like all of them took hits.

    Kind of looks like they (accidentally?) reverted it to the way it used to be.

  • Phil

    Noticed this in Firelands today – we were trying the trash ready for the raid tonight and Starfall was pulling other mobs, when i shouldnt of. I have opened a ticket with the GM’s to address this and can post their reply here for you all to see.

    Did i miss something in the patch notes about this?

  • jaime

    yeah I opened a ticket about it because I was pulling mobs through walls and shit.. I was getting pissed lol

  • pelofrito

    i see in ZA & ZG.

  • maca

    Same as above, the Raptor boss in ZG. I noticed though if you stand way in the back (if you’re right at the entrance of his cage, it should be directly across from you), then you can Starfall and it’ll be fine.

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