4.2 Firelands — First Impressions

by on Jun.29, 2011, under General

Now that you’ve had a day to digest Firelands, what are your first impressions?

Do you like the new zone?


Do you like the changes made to balance druids?  Did you end up dropping Lunar Shower?  I know I personally saw a pretty hefty DPS increase, as I didn’t have the 4pc bonus prior to 4.2.  For those who had the 4pc bonus, what happened to your DPS when 4.2 hit?

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  • Bealz-Medivh

    I haven’t tested it much yet, but I saw about a 1k dps increase with the four piece T11. I dropped lunar showers after some brief testing (tried to go from Lunar Eclipse back into Lunar via a moonfire + starfire, but this didn’t work). Also, not having to coddle the four piece T11 buff makes the rotation a lot less complex now.

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