OpEd: Separate Latin American servers in Random Dungeons

by on Jun.27, 2011, under Rants

First off, let me just state that I am extremely happy that we have Latin American servers, just like we have servers all over the globe.

That being said, I am absolutely sick and tired of being stuck with players from Warsong and Ragnaros when attempting to do random dungeons.  I understand that Blizzard wants us to be patient with “new players”, and to “guide them”, which is why they throw everyone together into one big melting pot when pulling players for random queues.  That being said, if there is a language barrier, there will be no “guidance”, as it’s impossible to communicate with the players.  The Latin American servers should draw from their own, separate, pool of players, so everyone who ends up in a dungeon together can effectively communicate.

Often times you’ll get thrown into a group with multiple Latin American players, and they cannot be removed due to having reached the kick limit, so you’re forced to wipe needlessly for hours, or leave the dungeon queue.  This further penalizes yourself, as often you’re waiting 30+ minutes for a queue, and now have to wait 15 minutes to requeue on top of that.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who experiences this frustration.  And as I said, it’s not against the Latin American players themselves.  I am happy that they can experience the same game I can, however, I think it would serve everyone’s best interest if they had their own cluster of random dungeons, so everyone can speak the same language and be on the same page.


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  • Anaora@Eonar-US

    Whenever I see Quel-Thalas I no longer think of the Blood Elves – I think of tanks, healers, and DPS who are hit or miss. I was healing a pug and was lucky enough to have a DPS who, while he did not pull big numbers, was able to communicate to the QT tank in spanish that no, standing in fire on Zanzil is bad, that yes, the tank did need to get the green cauldron, and that no, tanking the big adds on Jin-Do away from the chains was bad.

    On another occasion, when I felt like DPSing, my brother and I spent 2 hour wiping on a ZG run with three guilded QTs, and ended up dropping group after our 10th Jin’Do wipe because apparently “Body Slam on You” means “run away from everything and everybody”.

    /end rant

  • Berdache

    Maybe what really is needed is a filter for language when queuing, broad terms English, spanish, french etc.

  • Flock

    I completely agree, I think they should make the Latin American servers on a different battlegroup or something. Although I’ve had fairly good luck with players from Ragnaros, Quel-Thelas, and Warsong at 85 recently, I’ve still had many bad experiences. And at low levels it seemed like every time I got a player from Ragnaros he/she would just be absolutely horrible, and gave me the condition response of groaning everytime I saw one in a dungeon.
    I did have a great group last night that was 2 players from Quel-Thelas and 2 from another server I didn’t recognize. They spoke in Spanish the whole time, except to say “cc,” but they were a million times better than the group I had just been with who were all guildies and insisted that I was fail heals because I couldn’t heal them through the Lightning Rod part of the first boss without them doing it properly, or multiple charges on the bear, or multiple groups of trash mobs at a time and “cc? newb u failz.” They told me to go dps, I went dps and their “healer” couldn’t even heal the tank through one pull WITH cc and proper mechanics, while I’d been blowing everything to get us as far as we did. The Latin American group was heavenly after that, but it was still difficult and annoying to be in the group and have no clue what they were planning/talking about.

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