Wish of the Week: Eclipse

by on Jun.26, 2011, under General

Okay, so Wish of the Week (Abbreviated… WoW?) isn’t exactly a standard here, however I did kind of vent about one wish I’d like to see on Twitter to positive results, so I figured I’d talk about it here and get opinions.


I really wish that we had a 5 minute (or so) cooldown ability that would allow us to instantly push into the nearest Eclipse.  This would alleviate a lot of issues that we see.

  • Arena, where you start at 0 Eclipse and do next to no damage until you manage to Eclipse
  • Changing zones, where you currently maintain your Eclipsed state, but reset to 0 energy (meaning one cast will bump you out of Eclipse)
  • Death in a raid/party — currently if you die/wipe, you start out at 0 energy and no Eclipse, which means you have a pretty large ramp time to start really churning out DPS.

And should you not meet any of these previous 3 requirements, having a 5 minute cooldown where you could jump from one Eclipse instantly to another (which would be great when you have cooldowns ticking) would be a nice, small boost to DPS.

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