Question of the Week II: Cataclysm Raids

by on Jun.25, 2011, under General

Were you happy with the first round of raids that were introduced in Cataclysm?  Did you feel they were too hard, too easy, tuned just right?  Did you find the heroic versions to be challenging?  Wish you had more time on them before moving on to Firelands?  Sound off about all of your thoughts/gripes/complaints/etc!

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  • Rofer

    I like actualy having alot more variety to do, from either BoT, BWD, or Four Winds, and not just 7 bosses. I think there difficulty currently is fine, little ticked about that 30% nerf. Anyway, yea I wish there was a bit more time, cause I”m only 9/12, and I couldn’t get any heroic attempts in -.-

  • Ghiest

    To be honest I’ve not been happy with the whole HC/normal thing since it’s inception really. Cat wasn’t that challenging (we blew through it in a month not inc hc’s ofc) and been playing the same crap over and over for a long, long time …

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