Question of the Week: MMO-Champion

by on Jun.24, 2011, under General

Am I the only one who feels lost and lonely and cold with MMO-Champion being down?

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  • lissanna

    I wonder if work productivity around the world has increased during the downtime of mmo-champ & other Curse sites. lol

  • Askevar

    I missed something I’m sure. Why is it down?

  • Rofer

    Sucked what happend with that data center hardware thing failing, seems like there getting things back together, and yea, I have been feeling a bit void without it.

  • Deandre - Dalaran had hardware blow up, possibly quite literally from what they were saying. Everything they host has been down.

    And in my case it’s the Minecraft forums. I haven’t had my daily dose of ridiculing trolls since it went down. I fear my wit is starting to dull.

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