Sad Chicken: 4.1 PTR Balance Changes

by on Mar.02, 2011, under General

  • Cyclone now lasts 5 sec, down from 6 sec.
  • Starsurge base damage has been reduced by 20%, from [ 1272 to 1756 ] to [ 1017 to 1405 ].
  • Moonkin Form now frees the caster of movement impairing effects instead of slowing effects.

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  • lissanna

    the shifting one is a tooltip change, I think.

  • Deandre - Dalaran

    Leave it up to Blizzard to make slowing effect not movement affecting.

  • Misguided

    The starsurge change came out of left field, with absolutely no reason as to why. If it’s a pvp thing, I dont get it. I 2s with a holy pally and we’re not that good like a 1500 rating. And most of our matches are just wearing them down. I don’t run around, with our so called burst I’m reading about on the forums, starsurging everything to death. It’s just getting really old seeing patch notes and going WTF!!!!

  • Timsterg

    The Lifebloom thing is because of resto druids and I don’t get why starsurge is getting nerfed when fury warriors who hit a lot harder are getting buff… all in all blizz hates boomkins

  • Misguided

    The pure/hybrid thing is getting really old too. If that card is gonna be pulled everytime we question a nerf, then why are rogues/warriors/dks running around healing themselves for more than any of our heals can do

  • Balourd

    It’s Blizzard’s way to convince players who didnt buy Starcraft II to ragequit WoW and buy another Blizzard game.

  • Endoric

    So cyclone 6 seconds: 1 second less makes it not OP!?!? Was it OP at 6 seconds!? And the starsurge nerf – ridiculous!!

  • Antigone

    Yet another reason to be happy I leveled a ele shammy. Boomkins are pretty much being worked out of the game. Buggers.

  • Xenoe

    Everyone is overreacting… the fact that the base damage was reduced on starsurge is not going to mean boomkin dps will be bad… its one spell. Sure, we use it as often as we can, but the fact is it does too much damage respective to our other spells. If our dps is significantly lower with this one minor change(which it won’t be), blizzard will even out the damage of our other spells, making our dps more consistent.

    As far as boomkin pvp goes, dual spec resto and stop crying.

  • Balourd

    Anyone in the PVP scene can comment that those PVP nerfs are all justified? Many teams with moonkins in them steamrolling arenas?

  • Monsterbaby

    The cyclone is one thing, the moonkin form is another. Two things easy to live with.

    But the Starsurge worries me. A lot. Mainly PVE wise.

    Moonkins are already the weakest DPS class and now it gets even weaker.

    I am in a 100% Druid guild – and our moonkins with fairly good gear only reaches about 10k dps, the very skilled one, reach 12k. But trust me. they have really spend hours to nurse and calculate what rotation works best.

    Moonkins are done in PVE in case their dps gets even lower. Sooner or later Moonkins won’t be any priority at all to invite to a raid, not even because of the moonkin buff.

    And it hits us (Druids of the beast) extremely hard, because Moonkins are all our ranged dps! We only have moonkins and kittens. Sure it is our own fault, but of course Moonkins should do about equal damage to any other class – which is not the deal at the moment – at all.

    Pvp wise, I don’t understand either why starsurge gets a nerf while a lot of other ranged casters have same abilities in same caliber as Starsurge.

    I just hope my guild will survive this – otherwise We can’t continue raiding with only druids, untill we get a buff.

  • Jynks

    The PvP nerfs were not justified as Balance druids are one of the least-represented sub-classes in the game.

    It’s an absurd change and there has been absolutely zero explanation given by Blizzard.

  • Quackie

    This cracks me up. Sunfyre asked me last year (when he was still on LB in Aftermath) why I would bitch about stuff so much on the forums.

    It’s stuff like this.

    1. Moonkin news is almost always negative.
    2. Bad news is frequent. (IMO)
    3. Other classes are allowed to be ‘OP’ for nearly a whole expansion, but Blizz ignores the complaints. Someone sneezes something about Moonkins and we get nerfed faster than you can say WTF.
    4. There’s typically no explanation offered by Blizzard. I have to assume some Mage cried.
    5. Fück Mages.

    ~Quackie, old school Moonkin

  • Xenoe

    Monsterbaby… if you cant pull more than 12k dps as a moonkin, than you are just bad. Balance druids do really good dps right now in the pve scene, so much that right now I am either first or second in my 10 man, and thats me pulling around 17k dps on a stand-still fight. The fact is starsurge hits to hard. Just recently, there was a note that the cast time reduction talent of wrath and starfire, starlight wrath, is being buffed.

    from mmochamp, “Starlight Wrath now Reduces the cast time of your Wrath and Starfire spells by 0.15/0.25 sec, up from 0.1/0.2 sec.”

    its clear that blizzard is not intending to cripple druids, and that they are just refocusing damage from starsurge back to our other spells.

    and to Jynks, the pvp nerfs were not just for balance druids, and the balances are not absurd, and there has been explenation as to why the duration of cyclone has been decreased. Hearing people cry about things they clearly don’t understand on forums is what is absurd.

  • Famé

    “from mmochamp, “Starlight Wrath now Reduces the cast time of your Wrath and Starfire spells by 0.15/0.25 sec, up from 0.1/0.2 sec.”

    That will probably just change first 2 points of that talent (which is now 3 pointed 0.15/0.25/0.5), so it has 0-effect on actual boomkin gameplay as every selfrespecting boomkin puts 3 points to that. And it’s still going to stay as 0.5sec cast time reduction.

    Starsurge nerf isn’t really on par with current situation. We do good dps, but its not OP.

  • Ava

    Looking at the current PTR notes it seems to be all nerf, doesn’t say anything about the wrath/starfire casttime being reduced any more.
    Taking into account the DI nerf aswell, I reccon owls will be quite more weak in the single target encounters.

  • Fearon

    I quit WoW (I was a high ranked Moonkin) about 2 months ago now and I can conclude I’m still glad I quit. Blizz are morons, Bloodline Champions ftw.

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