Cuteness of the Day: Flying Moonkin Hatchlings!

by on Feb.13, 2011, under General

Courtesy of Lissanna@Restokin, it appears that the moonkin hatchling have now learned to fly and will join you on your long flights across Azeroth.

Also, if you’re curious about the new Tree of Life animations, check out Restokin for some great pictures.

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  • Lobol'jin

    You should join the Waffle Podcast ;-)

    At any rate, most likely I will be taking a break from WoW. Going to Rift it up until SWTOR comes out. In the event Rift doesnt hold me attention til SWTOR, I might come back to WoW.

    I will still be readin your blog, always watchful of the nerfs and changes that happens to Balance.

  • lissanna

    the team waffle podcast crew is actually starting to do community interviews with various druids. :)

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