4.0.6 Hotfixes: Starfall

by on Feb.11, 2011, under General

A few hotfixes were released, with only one pertaining to balance druids:

  • Starfall no longer exceeds 20 stars within its duration.

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  • Ebendrath

    I’m finding it difficult to even break 10 stars on basic mob pulls and even harder to hit the 20 stars on boss mobs. The stars come down way to slow, sometimes even 3 or 4 seconds with out one dropping. On top of that their damage appears to have been reduced as mine are hitting for an amazing 2.5k normal hits. Maybe I just never realized their lack luster damage because I was always getting plenty of stars but now its a huge nerf.

    Anyone else getting the same issue as I am?

  • Crabdance

    Starfall is really buggy right now… last night in random heroics it was acting like old starfall and was hitting mobs out of combat for me.

  • Ebendrath

    I’m definitely in combat with all of the mobs when in multi-mob combat. I just did 4.3mil damage on the Omen guy out at the Lake Elune area for the Lunar Festival quest and hit Starfall 4 times and had 9 stars drop for 30k damage total.

    I hope this is a bug and not a new era for Starfall. I liked it before they started messing with it honestly, now it has gotten all sorts of weird and crazy.

  • Wallíss

    I had no problems in heroics but on some boss fights it seems very buggy, I’ve the slow falling stars (sometimes 2-3 seconds between falls) and also had crazy dps ones as well.

  • Lobol'jin

    Honestly, they should have left starfall alone.

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