Additional 4.0.6 Changes .. More to Come?

by on Jan.15, 2011, under General, PVP Discussion

It looks like we may have spoken too soon.  There are some following 4.0.6 changes which begin to slowly balance out the recent nerfs:

  • Fungal growth duration has been increased to 20 seconds, up from 10. In addition, it should now be much more responsive when detonating Wild Mushrooms.
  • Moonkin Form now grants 15% damage reduction instead of increased armor.
  • Starfall will no longer strike targets that are not in combat and will now drop stars at a slightly faster rate.
  • Wild Mushroom is now instant cast, down from 0.5 seconds. In addition, the radius of detonation has been increased to 6 yards, up from 3, and damage done increased by 30%.

The fungal growth seems like it’s going to be our new main staple for snaring / slowing people on the run.  The Moonkin Form change is a nice buff for damage from spellcasters, but really still does nothing when we’re rooted in frost nova being shattered by a frost mage.  The starfall buff is GREAT for dungeons.  The Wild Mushroom buff is an additional 15% from it’s previously stated 15% buff.

Also, Zarhym hints that while Balance druids will not be able to get ‘Entanglement’ which removes roots when shapeshifting, there are other plans that will be released after the holiday weekend.

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  • Lobol'jin

    Your on the ball! So far I am loving the changes. Starfall safe for dungeons! Which brings me to the Glyph. Should we Glyph Focus now? Seeing as it only affects targets in combat, might as well buff up damage.

    I might actually invest in Fungal Growth, but loving all the buffs the Shrooms have been getting.

    Also, unless they give some survivability for Balance PVP, Resto seems to be the best bet. Which works for me as I decided to PVP as Resto. Lets see what Zarhym reveals for Moonkin next.

  • Azrael

    For all we know they could just leave in rootshifting for Moonkin. Since the form is unavailable to feral, that’s not much of a deal, and we’d be stupid not to be in it for anything not requiring us to leave it now.

    Finally not pulling the entire instance with SFall sounds great too, and with that second boost to shrooms they easily eclipse(*cough*) Hurricane as our multi target spell for when dotting takes to long.

    And they are now usefull for building snare fields, which should activate much sooner now… what did we do? Nothing but buffs aside from the root thing…

  • Ava

    Changes looks pretty awesome to me.
    Only thing is that i’m not quite sure wether i love the starfall change, or hate it.
    It’s making balance more of a idiotproof class, wich i kinda dislike.

    The rest is just awesome

  • Balourd

    Awesome news IMO, the nerfs were pretty scary for all the War owls out there but looks like they had a plan for us after all.
    Thank god for starfall change. While people go crazy over the non-pulling buff (and they should), I think the star speed is quite cool for our boss fights, meaning a single target will get hit by more stars than they used to. (I believe it used to be 1 star per second on single targets?) If not then let me rant about how vietnam changed me or somehing

  • Lieph

    Sort of off topic, sorry, but I see tons of furor vs moonglow for resto and not much for balance. At first glance I thought furor, because 15 is better than 10 and because of interaction with innervate…bigger pool bigger innervate. But, how much of our stuff costs a set % of total mana rather than some set amount. It occurs to that moonglow is better for all such spells, which get more expensive when we increase our pool with furor … Am I totally off?

  • gore

    Very off.
    Our spells I believe go off a % of our “BASE” mana pool, meaning our mana when we have no gear, and no talents.

  • Azrael

    Even less than that in fact. Base mana is completely independent from intellect, including base int.

    Base mana can not be changed in any way other than gaining levels and is only dependent on level and class, nothing else.

  • Lobol'jin

    Seems root breaking is back on our Moonkin form. Now if only Insta Roots would return.

  • Balourd

    They should add this to Owlkin Frenzy perhaps, everytime it procs, you get an insta roots.

  • Fearon

    What developer genius decided Shifting & instant root was to OP for balance druids?

    The changes would be nice if it wasn’t for these huge nerfs.

  • Endoric

    Yeah – from PTR notes yesterday:

    “Moonkin Form now grants 15% damage reduction instead of increased armor. In addition, shapeshifting in or out of this form now breaks roots. Note this is not stated in the tooltip.”

    I agree with Fearon – why is instant roots and one of our class-defining abilities (shapeshifting) all the sudden OP? Give Mages a 1.7 sec cast time on their roots then I say.

  • Balourd

    I think they tried to nerf feral druids, which were in need of one, and then said “meh, we’ll deal with balance later”

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