Upcoming Balance Balancing!

by on Dec.27, 2010, under General, PVP Discussion

From the World of Warcraft blog, the following changes are being planned for the next patch (ETA unknown):

  • We’re making some additional buffs, such as Pain Suppression and Barkskin, undispellable.
  • We’re buffing Wild Mushroom. It’s a cool spell that isn’t getting enough play.

I think both of these are very important changes.  I don’t think this is going to fix the PVP issues for balance, but I know Wild Mushroom needed some work in both the PvP and PvE environments.


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  • Ash

    I hope that their buff will not only be a damage buff. The mushroom range needs to be improved. For the moment, we are horrible in burst AoE situation.
    I like this spell but for the moment it’s not really effective (except on Magmaw) especially when a lot of tanks don’t tank mobs on them :o/

    I’d still like to have some aggro reduction cooldown. I am nearly always on top of the aggro list even when I am not on top of the damage. And I really have to care about not getting the aggro from the tank even when I don’t proc a lot.

    Apart from that, I really like our non-dps raid utility with innervate, battle rez and tranquillity being very useful at the present time.

  • Zeitgeist

    My idea for the shrooms.

    Place 3 shrooms at the feet of the target that then will explode in 6 seconds automatically.

    It could even have a 12 sec CD for all i care. It can even have a 1.5 sec cast, heck even be a placed spell. I just want them to drop all at once and let them explode themselves. There is no logic in have 2 keybinds or a /castsequence macro for just one spell.

  • Cydia

    i am very curious to see what this buff will be, it could go a lot of good ways, but knowing blizzard they’ll probably give us a fourth mushroom to plant and call it a buff.

    Nothing to do but wait and see, obviously range increase + drop all 3 at once would be the best thing, make them explode on a timer or triggered by mobs walking over them would be awesomesause

  • Cybishop

    I’m hoping for just a damage and/or range buff to the mushrooms. Them being instant-cast might be nice, but wouldn’t make a huge difference, because I still have to stop what I’m doing and target a point on the ground instead of targeting an enemy. Dropping all three at once would be useful in some situations but not others because sometimes you want them spread out. Right now the mechanics of them seem fine, IMO, filling a sort of “safe” AoE niche that’s cheaper than Hurricane but with no risk of pulling adds like Starfall or Typhoon, but they just don’t do enough damage to be worth the time.

  • Lobo BiZARro

    Buff damage just a bit, increase dmg radius to 6-8 yards and MAYBE have it Instant. If they make it that all 3 drop at same time, keep the cast timer. Triangle pattern w/o a blind spot to maximize placing and dmg radius. But I kinda like em to be cast 1 by 1, just wish it was instant.

  • Jabkalak

    I think the mushroom should be proximity based instead of detonating. That would allow for an easy CC for druid. They should work like hunter’s traps… well I think hunter’s traps are proximity based. Might be wrong.

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