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by on Dec.10, 2010, under Cataclysm

I apologize for not blogging for the last few days, however ever since Cataclysm was released, I’ve been grinding for levels then grinding for gear.

It took me about 18 hours or so to hit level 85, due to the fact that I was one of the many who had “Eye of the Storm” in our quest log, and although we weren’t aware, that was preventing us from finishing a Twilight Highland’s quest which subsequently locked us out from any remaining quests.  Due to that I had to grind the last 4.5 million experience in Deepholm and Uldum.

Ever since then I’ve been grinding heroics, and am pretty satisfied with my gear so far.  Tomorrow I will be revered with The Earthen, and that’ll provide me with pants and my helm enchant.  We went into Blackwing Descent today and played around a bit, but we don’t have enough geared people yet to really do the instance.  We did do the new PVP boss however, which scored one of our tanks a piece of tier gear, and me a item level 365 PVP trinket.  (Unfortunately it’s Alliance, and I cannot use it. :().

I know it’s early to tell, however so far I’m satisfied with how we’re playing out.  My damage is comparable to any other class I’ve dungeoned with, and our mana management seems okay.

Someone asked me to speak about mana management.  I really have no problems right now, and I (generally) end up giving away my innervate, as the healers are really the ones with the problems.

I continue to use the standard rotation that I had posted previously, and I still do not refresh DoTs between Eclipses.  Usually this is just because of the extreme cost of Moonfire/Sunfire.  There are rare long fights where I am mana challenged.  If this is the case, I skip Moonfire/Sunfire and just use an Insect Swarm to get the Nature’s Grace buff.  It’s also important to make sure you have 3/3 Moonglow and 2/2 Dreamstate.

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  • Lieph

    Just found your blog last night, nice.

    I unable beat cc classes in pvp since the patch. How are you faring in pvp? Does cyclone do anything?

    • Sunfyre

      I haven’t done a whole lot since level 85, but I prefer roots and solar beam over cyclone. I’ve found out that hardcasting just gets you locked out of a spell pool more often then not.

  • Zokkiruu

    I’ve read that Furor is a little better than Moonglow for mana conservation. Those three talents go in an order like this: Dreamstate > Furor > Moonglow. You can, of course, get all three if you need it.

  • Ash

    I am still not familiar with the usage of our mushrooms. When 3 mushrooms explode on 4 mobs, only 4 damage numbers appear on the screen (default UI) when I expect to see 12. Am I missing something (I didn’t browse a log to look if there was more damage than what I saw on the screen) ? Is the range so small that some of my mushrooms don’t hit ?

    Another question about mushrooms: have you some macro/tip too use your mushroom without losing time when you aim ? I could afford not being optimal with the treants, but if I have to cast a lot of mushroom I really need to improve…

  • Fearon

    Wild Mushroom is near to useless in PvP. They made a pretty “explode & spore falls to the floor” animation which takes 3 seconds to complete. AFTER that the aoe slow is applied. Which of course, in PvP, is way to late.

  • Ash

    I am not interested in PvP. My question was only PvE-oriented.

    • Sunfyre

      There’s some work that needs to be done on Wild Mushrooms, either an ability to drop them as a clump, or something.. also, the radius of explosion needs to be increased. I’ve gotten lucky and on certain AoE on boss fights, and if I’m in Solar Eclipse, I can see a lot of damage pop off from them (Over 500k on one explosion on Maloriak), but it’s definitely a situational ability.

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