4.0.3a live this week: New PVP change!

by on Nov.22, 2010, under Cataclysm, PVP Discussion

While the other changes I announced did not make the patch notes (they were in previous beta builds that got rolled into 4.0.3a), the following change was made to the 4pc PVP set.

  • PvP set bonus redesigned. While not in an Eclipse state, critical attacks against the druid restore 5 Solar or 7 Lunar energy, whichever is more beneficial. This effect can only occur once every 6 seconds.

I must admit I’m a bit underwhelmed.  5 Solar or 7 Lunar energy every 6 seconds?  That’s really not enough.

Personally, they need to somehow make a glyph, or an ability, that allows you to instantly proc an Eclipse.  Give it .. say, a 3 minute cooldown.  Even a 5 minute cooldown.  You just need it once in arena.

Also, give me threat reduction on barkskin.  Thanks.

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  • gore

    “Also, give me threat reduction on barkskin. Thanks.”

    What about bears? Barkskin is awesome for them. And to have them lose threat by using it would suck, I pull enough threat as a boomy as it is.

  • Gally

    Maybe make a barkskin a talent for balance spec to reduce threat or make an extra barkskin glyph? Who knows could work

  • Markus

    “What about bears? Barkskin is awesome for them. And to have them lose threat by using it would suck, I pull enough threat as a boomy as it is.”
    They could make it for all non-bear forms, perhaps..?
    Not like any sane person would give any tank spec a threat reduction, that’s just counter productive.

  • Morff-Cho'gall

    “restore 5 Solar or 7 Lunar energy”
    This has me confused. Casting a spell “generates” energy towards an eclipse. Casting while in an eclipse “spends” energy. So “restoring” energy should mean you are recovering “spent” energy.
    But if that was the case, you would be fighting the bars progress.

    • Sunfyre

      Fighting the bars progress isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though.

      • Morff-Cho'gall

        Previously the gear stated that you would restore energy while in eclipse, meaning you would stay in eclipse longer. That kinda made sense. But now that it works while out of eclipse it sounds as if if you got crit 2 or 3 times after casting a wrath or starfire, those attacks have negated your progress towards your next eclipse. I must be interpretting it wrong or its wording needs correction.

        • Sunfyre

          I think if you’re in solar eclipse, for example, and begin to Wrath, and then get crit, you’re going to move closer to solar eclipse again.

          However if you left solar eclipse moving towards lunar, but not in lunar yet, and get crit, you’ll move closer to Lunar.

          I’d personally love to Starsurge on Shooting Star Procs and not leave Solar Eclipse.

          • Morff-Cho'gall

            Well as long as the pvp set does what I think they are trying to make it do, ie. allow you to reach eclipse faster due to receiving a crit….then I’ll be happy. Especially since resil won’t be stopping crits anymore, the potential to reach eclipse often via this set bonus is high.
            Because eclipse in its current form is not a very good mastery from a pvp standpoint just due to how hard it can be to work through a series of starfires to reach the next eclipse.

  • Fearon

    You don’t use Eclipse in PvP unless by accident.

    Our previous setbonus gave us a 1.5 sec starfire cast chance.

    Huge nerf.

  • Cydia

    While we’re on the topic of change stuff, stop forcing us to go one way in eclipse, when i get out of solar eclipse, id rather do a few Starfires and get back in solar eclipse, instead of having to go to lunar eclipse and back…

  • Ash

    I also think that we should have a cooldown to reduce our threat and barskin would be a nice place to put it.

    With the suppression of a lot of our raid utility (buffs, …) and the absence of threat management, I fear that moonkins could get back to Burning Crusade status…

  • Fearon

    They should give me a pvp talent that completely turns off the exclipse mechanism and give me something usefull and reliable instead.

  • yakamo

    I actually really like this new 4 piece bonus. As a moonkin in pvp you should be sitting in an eclipse state until you need some burst damage, and then use that energy/cool downs to go for a kill. You wanna be in either state as long as possible and move to the next state as soon as possible when you do happen to leave it. This set bonus really helps the later and imo is an improvement over the old one. The main problems with the old set bonus was one, you have to stand still and cast to proc it which is never a good idea in pvp. Secondly the proc rate on it was absolutely horrendous. Even when I did manage to proc it, with the way pvp flows often I would not be able to use effectively. Honestly I will stop using 3 piece balance and 2 piece resto because of the change to our 4 piece. This is coming from a 2300 3’s rated Moonkin.

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