Gripe of the Week: Chaotic Meta Gems

by on Nov.19, 2010, under Cataclysm, Gear Discussion

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but let me link to you the level 80 and level 85 chaotic meta gems, as of 4.0.3a, which is due out next week:

Level 80:

[Chaotic Skyflare Diamond]

Level 85:

[Chaotic Shadowspirit Diamond]

I do not understand why Blizzard has reverted to this early Burning Crusade methodology of more blue gems then red gems.  This does not make sense, and since we’re going to be getting hit from spirit, to socket everything with hit gems doesn’t make sense either.  I really hope they come to their senses and revert the meta requirements for these gems.

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  • Sushka

    Hm maybe
    Thundering Skyflare Diamond
    Chance to Increase Melee/Ranged Attack Speed

    The 3 % more Dmg is not so strong..

    But with the 480 haste buff from thundering …


  • lissanna

    I think a commenter on Graylo’s blog said the requirement would be changed at some point.

    My plan is to go with Bracing shadow spirit (+int & reduced threat) at first when leveling up to 85.

  • lissanna

    I should clarify – when we first hit 85, our crit chance will be low enough that having to deal with those requirements is probably not worth the trade-off, so it’s better to use something else at first and hope that they change the requirements for the gem to something more reasonable.

  • Sushka

    or this way

    i try the haste gem next week .. maybe i can tell something

  • Lobo BiZARro

    Agreed, range attack =/= casting.

  • Sushka

    Sry my fail .. i have so many to do… don´t know where my head is…

    Sushka (EU – Blackhand – Erzritter )

  • Melori

    Why not go with an Ember Shadowspirit Diamond? I’ve not seen any talk of this, and I’m almost certain it’s by far superior.

    54 intellect and 2% mana. 54 intellect >>>> 54 crit rating, so it’s a matter of the 3% increased critical damage making up the difference. In this case, it has to make up about .2% crit chance, and while our crit is already low, I just don’t see this happening.

    Toss on the already horrible pre-reqs on it, and it’s just garbage. Ember Shadowspirit is 2 yellow gems, and everyone can <3 an Reckless Ember Topaz somewhere.

  • Troy

    Why are all the top end raiding boomkins using the Ember Meta? Is it better for us than the Chaotic. I use the Chaotic now but didn’t know if something has changed.

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