4.0.3a Rotation Changes — What you need to know

by on Nov.19, 2010, under Cataclysm, General

While it doesn’t seem like there is many changes in 4.0.3a, there are quite a few which will effect your DPS.  Many of the previous beta changes are now being rolled into live.

These include:

  • Thorns damage reduced by 66%.
  • Moonfire base additional damage increased by 50%.
  • Starfire base cast time reduced to 3.2 seconds.
  • Moonfury now including Starsurge

Also, the chaotic skyflare diamond is not going to be a valid meta, due to the changing meta requirement.  The loss of the meta at high gear levels is a >400DPS loss.

Due to the much quicker Starfire cast time, you also spend much less time going from Lunar Eclipse to Solar Eclipse, to the point where you’re almost clipping DoTs.  Due to this change, it’s much harder to line up Starfall to come up at every Lunar Eclipse. I’ve found that Glyph of Wrath now trumps Glyph of Starsurge for DPS.

If you’re going Troll, it’s also important to note that while the [spell]26297[/spell] reads “casting speed”, it is technically spell haste, which means it grants benefits to DoTs.  I’ve found the best rotation, DPSwise, is to start in Lunar Eclipse, and once entering Solar Eclipse, use [spell]26297[/spell] before putting up both DoTs.  This is actually a considerable DPS increase from burning Berserking right away and starting in Solar Eclipse.  I have a feeling this has to do with the timing of my trinkets.

Since Starsurge is now affected by Moonfury, it’s even more imperative to sit on your Starsurge if you are one or two casts from an Eclipse, as there ‘s a huge difference in damage from a crit under Eclipse and not under Eclipse.

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  • Bloomy

    # Moonfire base additional damage increased by 50%.
    # Starfire base cast time reduced to 3.2 seconds.
    # Moonfury now including Starsurge

    loool huge buff

  • Morff-Cho'gall

    Wouldn’t you want to hold your Starsurge (non-proc) casts for when you are out of eclipse? Using it while in eclipse ends the eclipse too quickly imo. I tend to save it to help reach eclipse unless I’ve proc’d a free one.

    • Sunfyre

      I don’t understand your logic. Starsurge does roughly 2x the damage of Wrath, the same damage of Starfire, only uses 2 more solar energy then Wrath and 5 less lunar energy then Starfire. With it also doing 2x crit damage, why would you not want to use it during Eclipse?

      • Sunfyre

        Furthermore, Starsurge does not have a chance to proc Euphoria while not in an Eclipse state, whereas Starfire and Wrath do, so using Starsurge not in Eclipse is going to make you go slower into the next Eclipse.

  • Morff-Cho'gall

    Ya I facepalmed myself after posting it. But I didn’t see a delete button so I just waited for the responses to roll in.

  • Fearon

    Anyone noticed this?

    You summon a violent Typhoon that does 1163 Nature damage TO TARGETS WITHIN 30 YARDS when in contact with hostile targets, knocking them back and dazing them for 6 sec.

    Is this just a tooltip change? Perhaps it means they finally fixed the always buggy Typhoon into an 360% aoe effect?
    Well I gues not but I do hope so…

  • Fearon

    Thanks for checking.

    Well as Typhoon has a 20 sec CD it wouldn’t be OP. Did you see the Demo Warlocks Hellfire yet :P?

    They really need to fix this spell as the smallest bump can cancel out the entire effect. I also hate it that other players can cancel it by CC’ing me. The animation stops and the CD resets.

  • Fearon

    How much does Starsurge crit for on decently geared players?

  • Fearon

    This is on level 85 I assume?

  • Fearon

    I know it’s a bit off-toppic but I can’t find anything about this on the internet:
    Treants don’t daze anymore and the damage they currently do is neglectable. How much damage to they do at 85?

  • Lev

    Hey guys, I’ve had these questions for a while that have been bothering me.

    Here are the four scenarios (sorry for “over 9000″ word wall in advance):

    Scenario One:
    Say I’m in a Lunar Eclipse(or solar, doesn’t really matter) and I see that my DoTs that were put up right before an Eclipse still have a good 9-10 seconds left on them. At this point I’ve procced Black Magic and I’m able to stand still and turret. With one or two wraths left in the Eclipse I realize that my DoTs from my non-Eclipsed state will still be up as my Eclipse ends. Is it worth it to clip two or three ticks to put up my dots before the end of the Eclipse or wait and just Wrath/Starfire as normal?

    Scenario two:
    I’m in a heavy movement fight such as PP or LK. Id put up my Moonfire/Sunfire while in an Eclipse but I’m forced to move after I’m out of the Eclipse. Is it worth it to take advantage of Lunar shower and clip my 9-10 second remaining Moonfire/Sunfire or just run into my new position without doing anything on the way.

    Scenario three: I’m going through my rotation as usual when my dots fall off. At this point I’m about one(with Euphoria) or two casts away from an Eclipse. Should I refresh right then or keep casting my nukes and put them up the second I Eclipse.

    Final Scenario(I promise):
    I’m deep into a solar eclipse(I litterally just got in) and Star fall comes off CD. Is it worth it to wait that 25-30 seconds to get to Lunar or Starfall right then.

    Phew, that’s it for now I believe.
    Thank you :D

    • Sunfyre

      Scenario 1) You really should only be refreshing DoTs after each Eclipse, unless for some reason you have to do a lot of movement or something and they fall off, but yes, you want to refresh DoTs when you gain the Eclipse for a few reasons. a) Because it’ll proc Nature’s Grace, b) You said you had black magic, that’ll benefit your DoTs, and c) You want more Starsurge procs

      Scenario 2) Yes. Lunar Shower. It’s amazing.

      Scenario 3) Starfall as it comes off cooldown. Only hold it if you’re pretty far into a lunar eclipse. I’ve noticed (with GoWrath) that Starfall goes Lunar/Solar/Lunar/Solar for when it comes off cooldown.

  • SlickTrick

    I would love to see some math regarding Black Magic enchant droping in value at a endgame gear level of haste.

  • yakamo

    Why not use the berserking after you put up the dots? Abilities and items that increase haste affect all of your dots that are currently up? It might not be much, but assuming you apply IS first that would mean 1 GCD more of the Berserking that your moonfire dot would benefit from.

    • Sunfyre

      Because that’s incorrect. DoTs are affected by the haste, crit, and spellpower when they are applied. Proof of this is to look at your DoT ticks between Insect Swarm and Sunfire/Moonfire. Because Insect Swarm is what proc’d the haste, it isn’t gaining the extra two dot ticks. If they inherited your current haste level, they’d tick just as frequently as sunfire/moonfire.

  • yakamo

    I don’t know if this was a change, but I noticed this last night while running around in the Pit of Saron kiting mobs and letting my dots tick. With IS and MF already up on the targets I’m getting a tick every 1.46 seconds. I use my hyper-speed accelerators that just got off cool down and both dots(ones that have not been reapplied) are now ticking every 1.34 seconds. After more tests I found that having natures grace proc from my sunfire caused my exsisting IS dot to gain the natures grace bonus and tick at the same speed as the newley applied sunfire.

    • Sunfyre

      I’ve tried replicating this and have failed.

      I tried two methods:
      Casting insect swarm, then moonfire. Moonfire was after the nature’s grace. I still gained 2 more ticks of moonfire then insect swarm.

      Method two:
      Without the nature’s grace buff, I casted insect swarm, then berserking, then moonfire. Again, moonfire had two more ticks then insect swarm.

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