Cataclysm Dev Chat: Moonkin Form

by on Nov.18, 2010, under Cataclysm

In the Dev Chat, the following question was posed:

Is the Moonkin form for troll and worgen on the beta and ptr the final form or is it just a placeholder?

The very brief answer:


I hope to god this is a joke. ┬áThis is really pathetic if once again, Blizzard manages to re-work out for every other shapeshift (including one that is on a 3 minute cooldown), but can’t be bothered to re-work the NEW moonkin form, let alone the legacy forms.

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  • Lihai

    It is definitely a joke. I have trouble imaging Blizzard being total asses on the matter. That being said, I laughed.

  • Misguided

    I wouldn’t be surprised if blizzard never changes the form

  • Keeva

    I read it as final for Cataclysm release, considering the context. Ie, “Are the forms we see on beta/PTR placeholders, or will they change for Cataclysm release?”

    They said they are going to work on them, and they will.

  • Nekoh

    Shitty Shitty Moonkin forms… We need to get some love!!!

  • SB

    I really hope this isn’t true. Because I agree with you reworking every other form including a new updated high poly tree form that you only see for 30(?) Seconds is ridiculous.
    I was saddened when all they did was change the colors a bit. They don’t even match the races. The greyish brown worgen I can see, but the bright orange black for the trolls? I was expecting a more green/blue/yellow coloring.

  • Keeva

    I really wish people would stop dragging trees into this argument.

    The reason they updated tree form was because they took away our ability to be trees whenever we liked – something that a lot of people were upset about. The tradeoff (from the aesthetic side of things) was that they updated the model to be cooler (debatable..), so that tree form felt like a special ability. More imposing, like an ancient. Personally I think they fell a little short and it looks pretty goofy, but oh well. The point is – they spruced it up a bit (ha!) to help it feel like it was a new and cool thing.

    Because in Cataclysm, that’s pretty much all we got – the change to Tree, plus Efflorescence (which is now woefully weak). They needed to dress the form up a little to help sell it as the awesome new ability for Cataclysm (rather than just the same ability with instant Regrowths, on cooldown.)

    I think moonkin form needs an update badly, too.. but we’re all druids and we shouldn’t be resentful of each other. Moonkins are unhappy about their looks, but got a lot of love for Cataclysm. I would have gladly skipped a graphics update to have some new and interesting mechanics/abilities to play with. But I don’t voice that opinion and stick “even Moonkins get new stuff, how come we didn’t, it’s not fair” on the end.

    Complaining that we got special treatment for our form that we only get to use once every 3 minutes – something that many, many of us are NOT happy about, by the way, losing our iconic form – doesn’t help anyone get what you want, it just fosters a feeling of resentment between specs – like you guys think we don’t deserve dev attention.

    Yes, you’ve waited longer than trees, and I do think you need attention ASAP. I understand your frustration, but could we maybe not drag the restos into it with disgust like they’re undeserving jerks?

    I’m sure nobody means it to sound that way, it’s just frustration about never getting answers about the updates.. but that’s how it reads.

    • Sunfyre

      Keeva, I think the biggest slap in the face was not just that they had time to make new tree graphics. They had time to make new troll graphics for EVERY other form, including flight form, but gave us stupid placeholder graphics for moonkin that make NO sense. (Why do Worgen and Troll moonkin have floppy Night elf ears?)

      • Keeva

        Moonkins are now glaringly low-poly and placeholder/NPCish. It’s nice that there will be different colours, but it’s not enough.

        You can never really tell what Blizzard will do, but I’m still reasonably confident they will upgrade the moonkin model.

        I think we can all agree though that if they update aquatic and travel form first, THAT will be ridiculous.

  • SB

    I’m not resentful towards restos by any means. I have been a tree since about the beginning of bc to the end of wrath really. I recently changed over because frankly I’m sick of healing. I was excited for the new talents with treeform and the original effloresce sounded new and exciting till it was nerfed and linked to swiftmend. I didnt feel like trees needed another button. We pretty much had everything already, the knighting left was to improve upon that. You also get a glyph to return your treeform to it’s original shape. Which I feel they will do for moonkin form should they change it.
    The new things moonkin recieved made the class feel more complete and fill in a few holes I felt it had. The new eclipse mechanic is a joy I don’t feel like a touch a go on dps anymore. Starsurge was given as a filler to decrease the time spent out of eclipse and break up one hell of an boring and predictable rotation. Moonfire was only changed to sunfire to keep up with itself during both eclipses, if it didn’t solar would of felt very gimped. Wildmushrooms.. Frankly I’m not personally sure where this fits in since I’m not in beta. Solarbeam is nice to help surge down a caster before they surge down us.
    I apologize for the ramble. But I felt I needed to explain the reasoning behind being slightly resentful to my tree friends. It’s not that we feel better than you, it’s that we feel fixed or improved – we get to stare at all the other specs pretty forms while we cower in the corner with our low poly bodies.

  • SB

    Bah, sorry for typos on the above typing on a phone ftl. I ment to say that nothing was left for restos but to improve upon the skills already given. They have no holes in their healing repertoire.

  • Balourd

    I’m sure they’ll work something out. They make us wait longer so we enjoy it the most when they finally change it.
    Be cool guys, be cool.

  • Lobo BiZARro

    Keeva, I would not be surprised if they do.

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