New Official WoW Druid Forums & Armory Launched!

by on Nov.05, 2010, under Cataclysm

The new World of Warcraft Druid forums have launched (albeit quietly) via their community site, and I must admit I like the lay out a lot more. You can find the new forums here.

The new armory has also launched and looks very slick.  The search engine is available from any of the WoW pages, which are accessed here.  If you just want to quickly look at the new armory format, here’s a link to my armory.

If you have a few spare moments, please report my Blogroll and Lisanna’s healing guides for stickies.  To do so, click the “Thumbs Down” icon on the post, then click Report.  The report window actually will show up BELOW the post, click “Other” for report reason, and enter in your sticky request in the text box.  Thanks!

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Druid Blogroll

Lissanna’s Leveling Guide

Lissanna’s Resto Guide

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