4.0 Damage Breakdown

by on Oct.30, 2010, under Cataclysm, General

So with the fix from Sunfire on 4.3 PTR, I threw up 5 million damage to a training dummy just to see how our damage breaks down.

Primary nukes (Wrath, Starfire): 50%

DoTs (Sunfire, Insect Swarm, Moonfire): 30%

Starsurge: 10%

Starfall: 10%

Together, Moonfire & Sunfire did an impressive 18% damage, where insect swarm was roughly 12%.

Again, we will want to always cast insect swarm before sunfire/moonfire, as they do more damage per tick, and we want Sunfire/Moonfire to receive the extra haste from Nature’s Grace.  (At my haste level [40%], insect swarm will tick 13 times and moonfire/sunfire tick 15 times, per cast.)

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  • drooberry

    u make cata dps sound so fun/intriguing/challenging. i sorta want to play again to see if i can master the new eclipse/rotations the way i did in tbc. (best parse was 2k brutallus dps)(3rd n.american moonkin to kill m’uru)(5th kj)

  • Misguided

    I have my glove accelerators bound to IS. Should I bound it to moonfire/sunfire now?

  • Seca

    IS always before MF/SF is going to be a major challenge for my muscle memory. :)

  • Relevart

    Sorry, i got linked to the post below this one. Didn’t see you verified tick intervals on Moonfire and Sunfire.

    Are you glyphing for Moonfire or Starsurge?

    • Sunfyre

      I always glyph moonfire and insect swarm, and situationally glyph wrath or starsurge. I have a feeling I’ll stay more with Wrath in Cata as we won’t have the haste levels to give us as many shooting stars procs.

  • Cowt

    For what it’s worth:

    The base amount of ticks differs between Sunfire and Moonfire. Sunfire having 6 over 18 seconds, as different from Moonfire’s 9.

    At 40% haste, your Moonfire should tick 13 times, and Sunfire 9 per cast.

    Insect Swarm share it’s base amount of ticks with Moonfire.

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