Post-nerf 4.0 rotation adjustments

by on Oct.18, 2010, under Cataclysm

There’s a few things I hadn’t added into my Rotation/Glyph guide that I’m going to update now.

With the nerf to insect swarm, while in Lunar Eclipse, you’ll want to Insect Swarm first, then Moonfire. Reason being is the spell that proc’s Nature’s Grace does not benefit from the haste, and now Moonfire will do more damage under Lunar Eclipse then Insect Swarm. Insect Swarm does more damage then Sunfire under Solar, due to the Sunfire 3-second tick bug. Once they’re fixed it looks like they’ll do very similar damage values.

Also, it looks like Black Magic may edge out +63 spell power, but only for one handed weapons. The theorycrafting supports this, however whenever I play with the training dummies I don’t notice a huge difference.

Also, for single target fights, the Glyph of Wrath may edge out Starsurge, although I don’t know if the theorycrafting also took into consideration that at end game haste levels, Glyph of Starsurge seems to line your Starfall up in Lunar Eclipse almost perfectly.

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