Gripe of the Week #2: Worgen & Troll Moonkin Forms

by on Oct.15, 2010, under Cataclysm, Gripe of the Week

Let me first start out with this:  If these forms go live, I’m done with my druid.  Blizzard will have exemplified what they really feel about the balance druid class if they can’t be bothered to design new moonkin forms.

All druid forms used to be placeholders.  They said this in alpha (before classic WoW was released), and it took until Wrath of the Lich King to update bear and cat forms.  Then, worgen and troll druids made an appearance, and you’ve seen the amazing work that’s gone into creating worgen and troll bear and cat forms.  Now, even the tree of life has a new model, which, at maximum, has a 16.67% uptime.

With all these changes, you’d think that even if Tauren and Night-Elf moonkin didn’t get new models, they’d at least make neat Worgen and Troll models, right?

Wrong.  I present to you the newest Worgen and Troll moonkin forms on beta. (Courtesy Lissanna@Restokin). Notice how the troll form has TAUREN HORNS and the Worgen have NIGHT-ELF EARS.

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  • Lobo BiZARro

    Grade A Bullshit.

    Talk about lazy.

  • Elynea

    Links are broken for the pics here for me, and appears down…?

  • Grassydude

    Stupid as HELL. Blizzard needs to fix this, lets just hope this is a placeholder. New tree forms are alright, im lovin the troll cat and bear forms, I WANNA SEE MY MOONKIN WITH THE TROLL MOHAWK! MAKE IT HAPPEN PLZ!

  • Lereth

    I’m thinking that the new moonkin forms just aren’t ready yet (being optimistic here). I could’ve sworn that someone said if they were doing new moonkin forms, then it wouldn’t be until a bit later (like first major content patch after cata).

  • CH3F

    I was on the Cata Beta last week and I think you’ll find these are the other way around.

    All the Troll Boomkins I saw looked like the Nelf one while the red Boomkin I think is the Worgen.

    Admittedly its still a little lazy on Blizz’s behalf, the red owlkin up there you can find in the Draenai starting areas from memory, and obviously the Trollkin is a Nelf boomkin skin.

  • Cern

    It’s pretty sad. I saw a blus post once stating that the re skin of the Moonkin would lessen developement time of new boss and instance encounters and lead to more recyled content. Fail on thier part.

  • Keeva

    They’re still just placeholders. They are working on new moonkin forms, but they said “no promises” that it would coincide with Cataclysm’s release.

    On one hand it might seem pretty lazy considering that they built new Worgen and Troll cat/bear forms, definitely – but you need to remember that the models for those were already done back when cat/bear got their revamps – so it was just a case of reskinning for worgen/troll.

    With moonkin, I fully expect a new model is in the works, so it doesn’t make any sense to put any effort into sticking different horns or ears on – which, if you think about it, people would cry about even louder because that would seem even MORE lazy “omg you just took the old forms and glued new ears/horns on, wtfwtfwtf”

    New moonkin forms are coming, they haven’t been forgotten or ignored.

    • Sunfyre

      I still don’t get why they bothered with new Trees, when Tree of Life is on a 3 minute cooldown and Moonkin Form is not.

      • Keeva

        As a trade-off for taking away our iconic form. Basically, “we’re putting your form on a cooldown.. but we will make it look a bit cooler.”

        At the same time, they said they wanted to revamp moonkin, but no promises for when. It’ll happen. They’re just not investing too much time into the placeholders, which is logical.

        Hopefully it will be soon (real soon, not Blizzard soon). :)

  • nedgey

    All moonkin should go on strike by staying in standard racial form at all times.

    They should at least make it so we can somehow have the benefits of moonkin form while staying tauren, for example.

    Why oh why does moonkin form look so crap.

  • Zokkiruu

    They’ve said before (I’m pretty sure) that they are working on new Moonkin forms, but that it was harder to do because the Moonkin is “loved” by so many.

    We’re not asking for a drastic change here Blizzard, just freaking make it look as good as the other new forms ffs.

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