BREAKING: Insect Swarm (and more) Nerfed!

by on Oct.14, 2010, under Cataclysm

Insect swarm was just nerfed on live servers.  Looks to be doing about 50% damage from before.

More when an official blue post arrives.

Blue post here.  Looks like more was just nerfed besides insect swarm.

UPDATE:  It looks like Wrath was nerfed as well as Insect Swarm.  Nothing else currently appears nerfed.Moonfire direct damage may ahve been nerfed slightly, although I’m not 100% sure.

UPDATE 2:  Thanks to Hamlet, it looks like the changes were a 50% co-efficient and base damage nerf to Insect Swarm, and Moonfury now grants only 15% bonus damage, not 25%, to all spells except our DoTs.

My editorial:  Okay, now that I’ve sat back, breathed, and taken a nice warm shower, I’ve composed some thoughts:

It’s not nice being nerfed.  No one likes it.  However, I’m okay with these changes.

Once the current bugs are fixed:

  • Sunfire (the fact it is currently ticking every 3 seconds, not two)
  • Shooting Stars (casting Starsurge and then proc’ing Shooting Stars consumes the Shooting Stars buff)

Combined with the new buffs we are receiving:

  • Starsurge being affected by Moonfury, so 100% crit damage instead of 50% crit damage)
  • 50% base increase to Moonfire/Sunfire damage
  • Starfire reduced to 3.2 second base casts (Quicker Starfire casts means quicker Eclipse swings which means more Euphoria and more Nature’s Grace uptime)

I feel that our DPS will return somewhat close to where it’s at now.  Also, these changes were done to 4.0.1, and it’s not known if they’re done to 4.0.3 (Beta), so they may be temporary to address the high scaling from outrageous crit and haste numbers we’re experiencing.

In case you’re curious, I went from ~14-14.5k on a training dummy to ~12.2-12.5k.

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  • Aeiedil

    Gday there

    This was kind of inevitable wasn’t it, I mean IS was doing far too much damage relative to other spells at the present time. I could rack up insane numbers on trash packs by spamming IS!

    From the sounds they’re aiming for Wrath and Starfire to be more equal, along with Moonfire/Sunfire/Insect Swarm to be more equal give or take.

    – Aeiedil

  • Emilios

    While expected, nerfs are never nice. What really annoyed me was that the rest of the WoW playerbase was up in arms about it in such a degree…
    A bit unrelated but do the nerfs change anything to our glyph set up? I believe IS,MF,GoWr was the highest dps gain?

  • Aeiedil

    I’ve hit Wrath at the moment, but am becoming more tempted by Starsurge.

    Honestly I’m finding it difficult to justify updating my guides just yet, as so far I’m unsure as to what best to recommend, and things are changing too much really!

  • kila

    This seems to be my numbers for pre/post nerf

    Spell Tues Thur % Change?
    MF Hit 3709 2966 -20.03
    MF Crit 9045 7138 -21.08
    MF Dot Hit 2772 2715 -2.06
    MF Dot Crit 5772 5758 -0.24
    Wrath Hit 10814 9781 -9.55
    Wrath Crit 22449 21540 -4.05
    Starfire Hit 15835 13367 -15.59
    Starfire Crit 30527 28502 -6.63
    StarSurge Hit 20964 18730 -10.66
    Starsurge Crit 41842 30913 -26.12
    SunF Hit 3436 3718 +8.21
    SunF Crit 10557 8535 -19.15
    SF Dot Hit 3457 3068 -11.25
    SF Dot Crit 7271 6205 -14.66
    Is Dot Hit 4314 2239 -48.10
    IS Dot Crit 9061 4686 -48.28

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