New Tree of Life Model

by on Oct.13, 2010, under Cataclysm, Gripe of the Week

Excuse me while I rage here.

Tree of Life is getting a new model.  It’s on a cooldown, yet blizzard can’t be bothered to re-do Moonkin models which have been placeholders for over 5 years now.

Courtesy MMO-Champion:

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  • Moonra

    It’ll come, cat, bear and tree have all be updated… they want to keep the best for last? besides Moonkin needs different models (elfs, tauren, troll and worgen) so the time needed to create those is a lot higher than an Ent painted in 4 diff colours

  • Keeva

    They said they’ll be doing moonkin, they wanted to do it for Cataclysm but said “no promises” so it could still come.

  • Feorieynn

    Those trees look terrible. I really hope they leave Moonkin alone.

  • Lobo BiZARro

    Well, I hope we get an awesome model. That Owlkin placeholder has had a good run.

    Those trees do look a bit better than the previous, but I agree with you. Why do this before Moonkin? It better rock our world!

  • Jasyla

    I’m starting to feel kinda bad for the developers. People complain about tree form. It gets taken away, people complain harder. It gets remodelled, people complain. Moonkin doesn’t get redone, people complain. I bet you antyhing when it gets redone people will complain more.

    They really can’t win.

  • Kodaline

    I miss the look of my elf in her t10 (even though t10, and all of wrath gear, is nothing compared to the fashion riot of BC).

    Being a boomkin is a solo thing, and it is damn distracting the handful of times I have raided with another. I know, in my heroic 25s guild, I’m the only mainspec boomer core raider, and while that guarantees me a spot and makes me, by default, the Keeper of All Knowledge of Moonkin, but I digress.

    What I mean is that the one boomkin in the raid is a mascot of thunder-magic buffs and other good things. It’s sort of like a shadow priest’s aura, only more so. I think, even though I will always miss my caster’s looks, that it should stay since it is part of the game.

    However, I really think we need some options. I think that druids should get some extra options for the forms, not just hair color carries over to X. For the moonkin form, I’d like 5 or so antlers to choose from, 5 or so builds (current being fattest) down to almost as thin as elves are normally, and 5 or so color choices.

    This would make us still recognizable as the caster mascot, and everyone would look at us and see boomkin, but let us tweak form to our wants.

  • Fearon

    @t Jasyla
    They win each month when you pay your subscribtion.

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