4.0 :: First Impressions?

by on Oct.13, 2010, under General

What are your first impressions of 4.0?

We were only able to do Marrowgar in ICC tonight due to unprepared raiders and LDW’s mana shield being twice what it used to be, however I was able to pull 20K DPS on Marrowgar (missed #1 spot by about 20k damage), and 40k DPS on trash pulls.

Needless to say, I’m happy.

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  • Lereth

    Lots of addon issues. I’m hoping some of them get updated soon so I can stop getting lua errors.

  • Lobo BiZARro

    Well, like with all patch, too damn buggy and barely playable. I did not get a chance to test my DPS, but I did manage to get to cast IS and do a Starsurge and DPS shot to over 2k.

    Gonna try it now, since ppl should be sleeping.

  • Heysha

    Patch ate my insect swarm. :/

  • Zeitgeist

    I’m loving my OPness… so this is what other high DPSers felt like for so long? Nice!!! I couldn’t break anything on the dps metters.. sigh… got picked up 3 times in the stupid bone spikes. Atleast i did 16k.

  • Zeitgeist

    Question. Are you gonna change some of your +Spell power enchant on items for +Intellect ones? I Changed my shoulder enchant from the Spell power/crit one to the Intellect/Spirit one and I was able to reforge other items with this small change. People in guild where addressing the issue that all casters should get it. I’m happy with the result though.

  • kila

    I like how we play now, it’s a lot more fun!
    My bug-grabber mod was getting 60+ errors a second so I’ve got some mod fixing/updating to do.

    OoC seems to proc less or at the very least doesn’t proc off MoW?
    Threat was rough I’m not sure if that’s a me issue or a tank issue atm but we did get Lower Spire + RF and FG done.


    After last night, I was waiting for the nerf police to come and get us. I did 20+k as well, however, the next closest person to me in dps was a spriest doing 12k dps. Besides all the bugs, I like the overall changes to the class. i had problems pulling threat a lot though, so i’m definitely going to be paying more attention to omen now.

  • Wildmax

    I was with my guild Ulduar so we can better prepare for ICC in pre-patch BiS gear…i pulled 17,5k on single target bosses…i think at Kologarn it was about 19k…i’m really looking forward to ICC…I think my dps will be about 25k or maybe even 30k. Boomkins are gonna rock at dps meters if now nerfed. :-)

  • Syrco

    Not able to play cause addons crash my fps /cry Can play without, or wait, can’t really… need addons!

  • Lobo BiZARro

    Yeah, I hear ya Syrco.

    I have to say though, the UI for Eclipse and other Druid procs works good enough I think I will keep using it.

    I have to say, I like 4.0! I have a gear score of a bit over 5K (2.7k on wowh) I pulled last night 10-11k DPS on most Boss fights. I especially love caster fights with Solarbeam. Guild loves it! 30min BRez is something we have to get used to, but glyphed Innervate rocks. All in all, these changes are welcomed!

    Sad to see Resto losing Tree form, but man are they healing beasts now. Our resto was actually poppin DoTs and a few wrath here and then while healing, popin into Tree form rarely. Again, like all changes, its all about getting used to it.

  • Lobo BiZARro

    Wildmax, yeah, I fear we will get nerfed. The Guild was looking at me last night like if I was a wild beast unleashed in the halls of ICC lol I at first was carried, now I am dragging the guild with me. The Huntard and Mage were pulling insane DPS, but all I was hearing on Vent was how I was doing. I mean, I was only putting out 4.7kish DPS before… 6K more should be no biggy… Cant wait till I break 5.8k+ GS.

  • Kodaline

    Our raid blew up on Marrowgar. Too many healers addicted to Healbot. Granted, my grid wasn’t working, but you don’t really NEED raid frames for dps (I’ll keep my grid layout up that I use when I heal for my dinner) but last night I just fired up the FUGLY blizz raid frames. Those things are giant.

    Anyways, my thoughts. I grabbed a new mod called balance power bar, or something like that, and I plopped it right under the feet of my thunderchicken, and also continued to use my power aura addon too, and it merged nicely.

    Two disconcerting moments. One, eclipse will not reset now like it used to, so there will be some times that you are working towards one eclipse, then you stop combat, and, on the next fight, you NEED to keep going that way. I found I was casting the wrong spell starting some fights and it did nothing.

    For example, if you are sitting at 15 solar energy, pointing towards a solar, and you start the next fight casting wrath…..you aren’t going to make any power, Eclipse will stall out until you start casting starfire. Even if you are at 0 eclipse power, the arrow IS pointing ONE way, and that’s the way you need to go.

    I could be wrong on that.

    Second thing, I need some mod to say “HEY, INSTA-STARSURGE READY, you sexy dps machine, you!” Flashing the icon tile border works some of the time, I just need to work something into the mods I’ve already got for it.

    As for a rotation, about the only changes I’ll make to the 3.0 series “all dots, CDs” then wrath till lunar, starfire till solar, refresh dots, then wrath till lunar and refresh dots rotation is to fire starsurge on next cast whenever it is up, and be a little more aggressive about dot renewal, what with shooting stars and sunfire in the mix.

    From what I can tell, sunfire is a superior moonfire in all ways except not being affected by glyph of moonfire or starfire. I do like starsurge glyph for kicking starfall down 15 seconds minimum per CD….more if you get good shooting star procs.

    The neat thing is that the shooting stars -> insta starsurge -> sooner starfall mechanic is tweakable. I would pay close attention to the percentages on shooting stars, as that is a nice tuning knob on our dps that I am sure blizzard will use to keep us in line.

    I have yet to play with the new silence, so no comments there.

    Sorry to ramble, bored at work.

    • Sunfyre

      Hi Kodaline —

      To answer a few things..

      I have a thing called “Eclipse Bar Pro” which works great, the problem is it doesn’t show an arrow towards which Eclipse you’re building like the normal Eclipse bar. Hopefully they’ll change that.

      I use Forte Xorcist to track my cooldowns. Also, doesn’t the power aura help you? :)

      Sunfire is FINALLY fixed with it’s haste scaling. Thank GOD. It DOES benefit from any talent/glyph that benefits Moonfire, by the way.

  • kodaline


    BalancePowerTracker seems to be working well for me. I turned off all the virtual energy BS and the numbers and just use the arrow.

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