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by on Oct.12, 2010, under Cataclysm, General

The 4.0.1 live build is the exact same build number as PTR.  As such, we can expect a few bugs, and there’s a few precautions.

  • Sunfire will most likely be bugged and not scaling with haste, and ticking at 3 second intervals.

Many people experienced problems with training mastery, where training mastery did not infact GIVE you mastery. (The spellbook still said to go see your trainer).  I figured out a way to make it work, using the following method.  I suggest you do the same just as a precaution.

  • When you first load into 4.0, before you talent, head to Moonglade.  At the trainer, learn mastery and leather specialization before any other ability.

There was also issues with existing character copies to PTR where they weren’t properly learning their profession.  A rumored fix that I can’t confirm is to learn a new profession recipe/pattern/etc before you change to a new server (ie from Kalimdor to Eastern Kingdom, or to Northrend, etc).  I can’t confirm this.  I’ll post more when I get on live and see if my professions work.

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  • Deandre - Dalaran

    I logged in Dire Bear form and had to go take a swim in the Stormwind Canal for a few minutes before I could, ahem, release myself from bear form. …at least it was a quick corpse run.

    I then went and trained, got Mastery no problem, but instead lost Insect Swarm to the bug.

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