4.0 Odds & Ends

by on Oct.12, 2010, under Cataclysm

While we’re waiting for 4.0 to become live, here’s some odds and ends that have mostly flown underneath the radar.

  • Rebirth is now on a 30-minute cooldown, however warlocks can also now combat rez.
  • Faerie Fire is now identical to Sunder Armor, and stacks 3 times. (Faerie Fire lasts 5 minutes, Sunder Armor only lasts 30 seconds, but helps a warrior tank’s threat). I played around with this some on PTR.  You can apply sunder armor AND faerie fire to a target.  I’m going to assume that the armor debuff actually doesn’t stack and this was merely done to allow protection tanks to build threat when faerie fire is already on the mob.
  • Mark of the Wild is identical to Blessing of Kings, and you cannot have both.

Remember these new synergies, they may help you find a group!


  • Like flying mounts, all ground mounts now travel 100% speed if you have the proper skill.  That means I can run around on my fluffy [item]Brewfest Ram[/item]!

By the way.. if you’re looking for a moonkin guide, check out Qieth’s guide. Lissanna at Restokin also has a great resource list.  As the focus of my blog is end game raiding, I’ve refrained making a basic 4.0.1 moonkin guide, opting to focus more on the finesse and min/max. However, If you DO have more basic questions, feel free to email me, ask via Twitter, or via comment, and I’ll be glad to answer any question, no matter how simple.

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