Question of the Week: Cataclysm

by on Oct.09, 2010, under Cataclysm, General

What one thing are you most excited about in Cataclysm?

There’s a lot of things I’m excited for, but I think being able to be a Troll would be number one.

Oh, and I’m also glad that ground mounts are becoming a thing of the past and I’ll never have to listen to a damn chopper again.

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  • Lobo BiZARro

    If only they would upgrade Anzu to a flying mount. And on that point, if only it would drop!!!

  • Lobo BiZARro

    Bah, hit publish. I dunno really. Seeing a new Azeroth might be it for me. I thought Trolls will be made available on 4.0.3 patch before Cata. Which I am all over, as long as they leave berserk alone.

    I love the way Vol’jin is taking Cairne’s place and standing up to Garrosh. Cairne’s death was really a bummer for me, just glad Garrosh had nothing to do with it, because I’d have a hard time being a Horde under that idiot.

    Really hope Thrall knows what he is doing. Because its off to a bad start.

    Vol’jin FTW!!!

  • Syrco

    Can’t wait to explore the new world! All the new zones and quests. I wanna know the history behind every zone and quest. Looking forward to find out more about the Dragonmaw and Cho’gall.

  • Lobo BiZARro

    Syrco nailed it.

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