Gripe of the Week: Spell Queuing

by on Oct.05, 2010, under Gripe of the Week

Ghostcrawler recently posted about the change to ability queuing.

We had to change the ability queue system you are describing to fix an exploit that was threatening to become pretty widespread. It is unfortunately one of those cases where a few bad apples ruin things for everyone. :(

We are working on an improvement where the most recent command will override the previous one. If for example you are spamming Hamstring, and then succeed in snaring someone, you can switch to Mortal Strike which will clear out the Hamstring queue instead of wasting more GCDs on Hamstring.

I had *thought* I’d noticed this, but I thought perhaps it was just a different perception since I was running with no add-ons, and never really had to worry about this before.

The problem we, as balance druids, run into is generally when we’re spamming Wrath during Solar Eclipse and Shooting Stars proc’s.  You key Starsurge, but you’ll notice your character will keep queuing the wraths that had been built up in the stack.  The way I’ve found to avoid this is to strafe to one side or the next as soon as I notice shooting stars, as that’ll cancel wrath, and then cast Starsurge.  I’m sure a stopcasting macro built into Starsurge would work as well.

Hopefully this new “redesign” of queuing will be in place soon.

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