Gripe of the Week: Leather Specialization

by on Oct.01, 2010, under Gripe of the Week

Okay, so I really AM glad we have leather specialization, and fortunately I have been unfortunate to not get many cloth pieces of gear in ICC.  That being said, I’m going to be running around in ilvl 245 bracers come 4.0.1 if I can’t manage to find something better… and soon.

How many pieces have you guys had to scramble to replace with leather?

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  • Rakhasta

    I know this can be bad, but I always refused to wear anything but leather!

    I feel your pain tho, bracers never seems to drop for me too. Still running around with ilvl 251 ones despite many Valithria Dreamwalker’s kills in both normal and heroic mode :(

  • Seca

    Just boots (Plague Sci) I think.

    On several occasions I was close to dumping my LW for tailoring (seeing as every crafted piece I wanted in Wrath was cloth). Managed to hold off, and very happy I did.

  • lissanna

    I think I’ve managed to replace most of my cloth, and I really have been trying to avoid taking cloth the last few weeks…

  • Jork

    I don’t have any cloth, but armor has always been one of my five RP hang ups. I’m not even sure you could say druids “have” to wear leather, but I do and sadly I still have 245 bracers.

  • Katsuro

    Luckily only 2 – I managed to get bracers of Dreamwalker this week replacing Bejeweled Wizards and got another 264 mark to replace my 277 GSM =( Just need a few more badges to make the change.

  • Lobo BiZARro

    Yesterday I grabbed the only cloth peice, but really needed the upgrade. Hopefully I can get leather to substitue.

  • Sushka


    i replace

    wirst bracers and boots but have all leather 277 gear :)

    so i am happy to have

    i hope i write all right .. i am not english

  • Ash

    I’m currently wearing 4 cloth pieces (boots, bracers, belt and pants) :(
    In all those cases, I’ve a leather piece 13 ilevel below (two of them optimized for dps, the other two being more heal-oriented). Not sure if it’s worth to change the 4 pieces to get the 5% int :(
    In any case, with the changes regarding +touch and spirit, I’ll have to test lot of things…

  • Avey

    Still have cloth 264 bracers and 277 legs. I have some 264 leather spirit ones but I need the RS bracers. >:|

  • Sushka

    when i put on all my leather stuff i reforgd (i hope it is right) spirit into haste and crit into haste ( once per item) and double stats items like neck i convert crit into mastry)

    Sushka ( Eu – Blackhand – Erzritter)

  • Sunfyre

    Crit is rated at a higher value then mastery. I’d keep the crit.

  • Sushka

    Crit have a uptime ( when we could call it so ) from 100 % … mastry only 60-70 % .. means 1 mastry point = 1 % + damage

    maybe we could reforg later in other stats but don´t think that wie reach the soft haste cap with wrath so easy like in wotlk

    Sushka ( EU – Blackhand-Erzritter)

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